Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Happy Trails

This is the time when the Old Gringo needs to move on along.   You all will have to do without acerbic commentary for a little while, which will probably be a relief for most.    As soon as the settling in process is completed, perhaps by Friday you all might have a note or two concerning my observations  and thoughts about the Mexico situation and about our little adobe abode....or is that abobe adode....or maybe it should be adobebode.

      We are watching with interest the simultaneous posturing and maneuvering among the various candidates for the office of President of Mexico and the same office for the United States of America.   We shall follow the National Action Party (PAN) a little more closely, because they are philosphical twins of the GOP in the United States and the Conservative in Canada and the Tories in the UK.   It seems like yesterday when Diana and I were up until 5:00 am watching the nearly ballot by ballot count in the contest between the socialist Lopez Obrador and the conservative Calderon Hinojosa.  
          As usual the old governing party the PRI starts off as the favourite, but the poll tracking will certainly change, as it has during recent elections.    There was one point last time when Lopez Obrador led both of the other opposition parties by 30% and the producing classes were girding their loins for the elevation of another leftist demagog to join the pantheon composed of the Castro Brothers, Morales, Chavez, and Ortega, et. al.

           Mexico was a lot easier to predict, in terms of elections, back in the old PRI days....sometimes the winners were announced on the day before the elections.  Oh well, perhaps it is all a conspiracy by the Las Vegas odds-makers to give the people something else to bet on.

              My favourite Drudge story....beating out the IMF socialist elitist slug who beat up the black chambermaid and sexually assaulted her....was the story about the guy who won a 2,000,000 jackpot is some lottery, but was still using his last allotments of food stamps.    Finally, Michelle Obama can be proud of her country for the first time again.

More later....remember the Old Gringo will be out of reach for a bit, but he will be checking in at the earliest moment possible.
El Gringo Viejo