Monday, 25 April 2011

Then what do you propose, Old Gringo? (This will go viral)

People and institutions who will not like what I am going to impose on Texas and then the United States of  America when I am correctly and finally installed as Emperor of the aforementioned political sub-divisions.

Big Business, especially most banks, grocery chains, and other institutions that depend upon the recycling of taxpayers' money through the digestive tracts and reproductive systems of  those presently "entitled" to other peoples' money and property.

Big Labour, especially the unions and union members who think that a person is "entitled" to be paid 80 dollars an hour for bolting bumpers onto motorcars, whether the company has any money or not...or has any sales or not.

Public Sector pensioners,   almost exclusively those whose pensions are not self funded  (Texas public workers' pensions are funded from the workers' salaries),....but rather are funded from the general treasury of the city, county, or State where the employees were pretending to work, usually in heavily Union controlled places in the northeastern territories and the territories on the Pacific Coast known as Calimar Ihuana.

"Immigration Rights Advocates"  will be deigned to be non-uniformed enemy combatants directing the flood of people who are purposely helped because they have been determined to be incapable of self-support, of being incorporated into a communitarian society, and who insist upon imposing their demands on their new home.     Instead of changing our homeland into a stinking sewer filled with garbage, litter, and pampers....and grocery carts, it would be much kinder to let the people go back to where, apparently, they are more comfortable.

 People who think that this or that ethnic or racial minority cannot, by definition, commit a racist or bigotted act.      Anyone who ever nodded knowingly in agreement to any such blisteringly stupid person who ever said  '' Minorities cannot commit racist acts"  will be sent to a re-education camp in downtown night.

      Four of the Five women who are hostettes of The View.    Since nobody who reads this screed has ever heard of "The View", do not worry about it.    We have already taken active measures to secure the person and safety of the "Fifth Person".

      Since it will be no great loss....this list might as well include the Ku Klux Klan and every White, Green, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Peppermint, and/or non-White racist group.    You all bore me....I dispise white trash no matter what colour or race they are.   My mother had to laugh at a fellow one time when he was explaining his attitudes about race.   He had said.."If'n I ain't no better than no N........, then who am I better'n than?"   Try as we could, neither she nor I could figure out exactly who'n he'd be'n
 better'n than what'n if'n he'd  done be'n better'n, no-how? knowhadaimene?


Beginning on the 1st of January, 2012 the Internal Revenue System will cease to function.   Each employee of any rank will receive severance in the following manner:
       GS -3  through 7             15,000
       GS -8  through 15          20,000
       Supergrade through
       Treasury Secretary       -0-

       All citizens with any income of any kind....dividends, wages, interest payments, royalties, annuities, social security payments, winnings, gratuities, etc.   will calculate said earnings, and multiply that amount by the factor of 0.10   .     That amount for the first year of this program will be sent to the Treasury of the United States of America, unless the withholding for this last year of IRS rule is in excess of that amount.    The payer can elect to leave the balance as a payment against next year's levy or the balance can be forwarded to the payer.

     At the beginning of the year, that being the 1st of January 2012 there will immediately begin a collection of 1% on all terminal sales of anything in the Republic of Texas and the lesser States of the American Union.    No wholesale or pre-fabrication or pre-final presentation costs will bear a sales tax obligation.    The final user of the product....the one who will eat it, use it, or wear it out,  pays.
      With each subsequent year, the percentage of income tax voluntarily paid will be reduced by 1% and the sales tax will be increased by 1% and such adjustments will continue for the ensuing 9 years.

        Payments being made to Social Security will change immediately.   All pre-geezers aged 50 and higher who are not receiving SS benefits will continue paying into the illegal ponzi scheme without fear of prosecution.   The retirement ages are moved on the 1st of January, 2012 to 64 (reduced benefit early retirement) and 70 (standard retirement).     The program will close its doors to new participants in 2033.
       All others will be given a set of seven choices for their retirement fund.   Each payer will deduct 5% of his previous year's income and forward that amount to the Private Untouchable at Pain of Perpetual Imprisonment Retirement Plan.    After the 1st of January, 2012 the individual's plan will have the title MY Real Retirement Fund Account.   The payer will be given a new number that not even Hillary Rodham can hide in plain view on top of her desk for 2 years.     There will be no demagogic "employer's share".   The account will be private, pertaining only to the payer.    Businessmen, professionals, shop keepers, and all self-employed will pay the same 5%.
      The 5% check will be paid directly to the private retirement fund  which will be overseen by the Texas Retirement System governing committee or the Texas State Teachers' Retirement System board of governors.     Eligible providers of fund repositories will be investment institutions that did not participate in TARP, TRIP, Cash for Clunkers, STD's, BARF, STEAL, LIE, HOPE, or CHANGE.
       The new retirement funds...each individually owned by each participant, will be transferable by last will and testament probate.   It will be accessible according to the terms of agreement with each investment repository, with certain limitations concerning total liquidation and age of access.   (The Old Gringo is disposed to suggest no access before age 57 years and 6 months and no withdrawals of 10% or more in any given year save for one, with a standard withdrawal not to exceed 5% for any given year.)
       All money paid into Social Security by the participants aged 49 years and 364 days or less on the 1st of January 2012 will have such funds transferred into their My Real Retirement Fund Account instantly and automatically, never again to be reviewed, acknowledged, seen, or meddled with by any government body, whether legislative, executive, or judicial.
       On any of the money withdrawn from My Real Retirement Account, no payments will be made in terms of income tax because  income tax will have totally ceased to exist by the year 2023.


        All subsidies for Ethanol, any farming, silvicultural,  or ranching,    food purchases, rent, electricity, illegimate children, special programs for left-handed lesbian Eskimo vegetarians, etc. will be terminated on or before the 31st of December 2016.    Grocery stores will have to make money by charging people money in return for products instead of having a third party pay for  food for leaches and slobs....who frequently are purchasing things that "upper-income" people cannot afford....and frequently are holding three, four, or even five active Lone Star We Breed Them, You Feed Them cards.

       All "Revenue Sharing" programs will be immediately abolished.   This program will be transferred to the dust bin of history and labeled  "Why are we sending this money back??? Why wasn't just left where it was to begin with???".

         Any person taking a subsidy or tax-paid public support in Texas will be removed from the voters' rolls.
       Any person who wishes to vote, hold office, or hold a position of public trust, must present proof of citizenship and legal residency in Texas well as the other lesser States in the American Union.
       Anybody who tries to equivilate an anchor-baby mother on six different forms of welfare to a Mexican or other foreigner who has been honorably discharged from American military service or who has gone through the entire citizenship protocol in order to qualify for citizenship....will be flown to Zimbabwe, along with all appropriate anchors, babies, and other important possessions.    There will be no need to return the parachute.
        There will be no classical labour unions.    Companies and businesses are encouraged to establish independent company employee associations who can have collective bargaining prerogatives.   Labour Union organizers and community organizers will be arrested and sentenced to  4o,000 hours of community service smoking, lunch, coffee, saloon, rest-room, or any other breaks.     Our enforcement thugs will be trained gorillas with rabies.
        School meal programs will be immediately suspended.    Any parents failing to provide an adequate meal for their children while at school will be loaded into the nearest BFI or WM truck for removal to some appropriate place for refuse.

      The Department of Energy, the Department of Education, the Department of Labour, the Department of Health and "Human" Services,  and FEMA will cease to exist on  31 December 2012.    Other Departments will be phased out as the various territories of the American Union establish their own systems to address their own local issues....preferably with private sector solutions.

      At no particular time, but when it pleases us, all troops will be ordered out of Iraq and  Afghanistan,  If Baghdad and Kabul can't fly the kite by this point...then it's pretty obvious that they are probably best left to find their happiness in their misery, death, filth, and stupidity.    They will be advised that the American Eagle holds lightning bolts and olive branches.....each nation of the world can choose which it wishes.     After this plan goes into effect, however, there will no longer be anything known a "assymetrical warfare" or "restrained response" or "limited engagement".    Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed 400,000 Japanese and saved 10,000,000 Japanese......and an estimated 1,000,000 American servicemen.

       The Congress of the Central Government in Washington will be allowed to go into session for three days each year and no more.    It will be illegal to pass more than 3 bills and no legislation will ever be allowed to  affect  more than 1o,000,000 Americans .    Eighty-five percent of the budget of the United States will be spent directly on the newly re-established War Department.

     No riders, no earmarks.  No Act or Bill in excess of 3 pages, legal size, double spaced......90 day waiting period between submission and committee action.  On-floor comments by any elected representative or senator will be limited to 55 seconds.    Running over the allotted time will result in a fine of the entirey of the elected member's $10,000/year salary and his 50%  discount card for Greyhound.   There will also be a cancellation of  the authority to hire the one part-time secretary/administrative aide allowed elected representatives, with an authorized salary cap of $5,000 per year. 

Thank you for having read this Manifesto for Liberty
El Gringo Viejo