Monday, 25 April 2011

Here we don't go again

     We were just notified by a pre-recorded telephone call that I have been dismissed from jury service requirements.    That means that all the excitement and everything around San Fernando....well, I missed it for nothing.   
      Hung around for 10 days for nothing.     But, my commitment to this issue remains, and to-morrow we shall see if this is a "final" dismissal or if it is another "indeterminate" dismissal.

More later, pardon the bother...

On line 16 is my great-aunt Rebecca...aged 7 and living with her great-aunt, and then on line 33 is my grandfather Norman aged 9...and then line 34 my great uncle Arbie who was 8 during the Census of 1870.    The three children were living
 with their mother's  (Mary Ann Bolles) parents and aunt, after the death
 of their father, Hubbard (Banty) Newton, in 1867.  This was in
 Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.
    Hubbard died, it is said, of a broken spirit, having lost two sons shortly before and after
the encounter at Gettysburg, which took place during July 1- 5 of 1863.

The Old Gringo, having been born in 1947, never had the opportunity to
have met or known any of those folks.

El Gringo Viejo