Sunday, 24 April 2011

Trouble Everywhere, Problems Everywhere....But It Will All Be Better Soon

     This is not some facetious or humourous set of pointless observations.   Even while my attention has been forced to return to this matter of being recalled to federal court jury duty (after having been dismissed earlier...??) and even while this fire thing has been a plague to us both here on the border and at our beautiful little hideaway in well as where my children and grandchildren are situated in Central Texas....the 'little grey cells' that kept Hercule Poirot in business....the ones I have....have been working.

     It is a source of some humour to note that our President....who so bitterly condemned his predecessor for not caring about "the people" when he allowed the gasoline prices to increase so tells us that the problem is too difficult to be solved by "politicians rushing to the microphone with three point programs for two dollar gas(sic)."

       (1)    It behooves a person who desires the total destruction of America to hope for gasoline and deisel fuel prices to rise to the 6,7, & 8 dollar level as one finds in  Europe so as to collapse the economic engine of America.  

      (2)     It is the desire of this President to push the entire nation onto pedicabs and mass transportation.   It is also his desire and the desire of his entire marxist team to control all transportation matter from a central point, under the control of "qualified experts".     This is his and his associates' solution for every aspect of American life.    Medical systems,  industrial production, agricultural activity, education, economic policy must all be controlled by  "people who know better" ,  like Bernacke, Geitner, Soros, etc. 

      (3)      It having been known for years that there is no anthrocausative global warming....aka now  "climate change" when it became apparent that all global warming data was being willfully and arrogantly falsified in order to forward a socialist political agenda....this President continues to use the false and repudiated argument to force the building of autos people will not buy.....and implementation of transportation systems that people will not use.      THE ONLY WAY THE PEOPLE WILL USE THESE VEHICLES AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS IS IF THEY ARE FORCED TO.

      (4)      Finally, and thank you for staying in with me on this, I will demonstrate a concrete fact of life.    Four years ago....the American Dollar would buy 13.00 Mexican pesos.    Things were relatively reasonably priced in Mexico although gasoline was an intolerable $2.45 am.cur. per gallon.    People in America were grumbling about Bush setting up a silly prescription drug program for the poor "seniors", who are, in fact, the wealthiest of any population sector in America.   People were also grumpy because after the Twin Towers disaster, Bush called Sens. Schumer and Clinton and assured them..."Anything you need, anything you have a blank check".
        After Hillary had gotten over having to worry about Chelsea because she was in the middle of the disaster zone....(which of course was a lie because she knew where Chelsea had been, but said she was somewhere else).....Hillary showed her appreciation three weeks after the incident by shrieking on the Senate floor while she rattled a newspaper at the solons....She shrieked four times at the top of her leathered lungs..."BUSH KNEW!  Bush knew!  Bush knew!  Bush knew!"   It must have been was a headline in a newspaper.    Bush had known all about the coming attack....Hell...he probably had ordered it....according to this reliable newspaper...(???)
        But it was true that Bush was turning a blind eye on spending in order to pump prime the economy that had been put into a free fall due to the attacks on the Twin Tower.    This was done in spite of the fact that Keynesian pump priming has never has always failed....the best example was the ruin such measures caused by extending and deepening the Great Depression in the 1930s.
       Bush also had proposed reforms to Social Security....and was promptly laughed at with gusto by the Democrats because they knew they could buy votes with other peoples' money for at least another 30 years before it would be necessary to totally expropriate all pensions, annuities, and savings accounts in order to keep the pitchfork and ax wielding mobs away from their gated compounds in the Hamptons.
       Bush suggested that the re-financing practices of FmHA, FHA, etc. through the employment of something called "hedge funds" (where Chelsea was working part of her concern for the poor) were injurious to the interests of lender and borrower and would cause a house of cards to begin to fall within two or three years....
        The Democrats....the great paragon of virtue Sen. Dodd and the great moral thinker....Barney Frank....and all their minions laughed at Bush and the few Republicans who still had enough testosterone to tell  a variation of the truth.

         Then came Geitner...who says that he can't do TurboTax...(I did my computer taxes this year....had my refund in mid-February).....and Bernacke who is the exception to the rule that bald guys are intelligent....and various personages who look like something out of a saloon scene from Star assure us that we needed to do what??????     PUMP PRIME......which, of course, gave us an additional $4,000,000,000,000 in national debt.

        Mexico, in turmoil, but with a booming economy....a more or less in balance national budget and a declining has a peso that is valued at one American dollar for 11.30 pesos.    The peso has gained 1.70 pesos against the dollar since O'bama came to the helm.   THE AMERICAN DOLLAR HAS LOST 13% AGAINST THE MEXICAN PESO SINCE O'BAMA HAS BEEN IN OFFICE.!!!!

There, that was my point.   Thank you...more OROG material later.
The Old Gringo