Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wow! Rain, Rain...are you here to stay?

     So, while I was worrying about me, myself, and I...suddenly  the little tropical storm...almost a category I hurricane....slices in from the Gulf, moves due north...against all predictions..including mine .....deluges San Antonio, then Austin....including all the other usual suspects....San Marcos, Round Rock, and essentially the entire Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, DFW Interstate 35 corridor with rains over two days approaching 20 inches in many places.    Flooding of major creeks and even some middle-sized rivers is well underway and the Interstate was shut down overnight at more than one of them being in downtown Austin....which is, for those who are unaware, the Capital of the Republic of Texas. 
      I think it should still be at Washington-on-the-Brazos....but that's an argument for another time.    All my children and grandchildren live along the IH35 it has been an interesting say the least.

UPDATE:    This was sent towards late morning from my comadre (which actually means that her son is my son-in-law).   It speaks to the issues in and around Central Texas
 At present, it's still raining cats and dogs! We have received about nine inches of rain so far. At 1:45 this morning, the heavy rain was producing a full fledge water fall down the stairs from the patio on top of the hill. I could not begin to see the rock stairs, as the water was tumbling so fast and deep. All drainage systems worked perfectly, a tribute to Joe, our gifted rock man.
Talked to Dad, in Sun City Georgetown, his rain gauge registered thirteen inches this morning!
The creek beyond the field, beyond their back yard, was so high that dad could see large tree limbs and logs floating by at a fast clip, and much of the field was under water.
Schools are closed, as is the collage, due to two feet of water on campus. I 35 was closed down also, due to water over the freeway. It's probably open now. And it continues to rain, with the down pour due to start around eleven, this morning!

Give my soggy best to the family, glad the hut didn't, have to endure more heavy rain.
This above-entered cut/paste is to give an idea to those of you who have written or called about what was/is going on in the Trans-San Antonio/DFW area.
As a bit of additional information, my son took this picture from his place of residence in San Marcos earlier on the morning of this day.  This is being written at around 18:30 hours, and I believe this picture was taken during the mid-morning.   It has continued to rain here and there, and on and off during the day in most of Central Texas and Northcentral Texas.   Wowsers!