Monday, 6 September 2010

Freshening-up of the Webpage...Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, Welcome! You have arrived at the end of the road.

It took a bit of a struggle, but I have succeeded in doing a bit of revamping of our website.   It is terribly homespun....but it gives me a bit of pleasure to fiddle with it.   It seems that something can be learned with each conquering of some apparently insurmountable obstacle.
     I have finally decided to firmly enforce the rule of the three night minimum stay.   We are a rural bed & brunch facility and not a motel.  As a tourism operator for two or three hundred years, it is just not in my blood or bearing to just give people a place to sleep and shower out.   It is not rewarding and it is terribly cost-prohibitive.   Plus, since we guard reservations, I have had to refuse my week-long guests because I had made a commitment to someone who had asked for a stay of one or two nights.   It is not fair to the folks who abide by the house rules to be punished by my own failure to enforce my own well-founded rules. 
     So....considering the fact that my people who are coming are wading through all kinds of bad (and frequently misleading) news....I shall renew and deepen my bond with them.
      We are still more than happy to answer the questions that come our way.   We continue to long for the moment when we can establish real-time computer response down at the Quinta.   Until then, Diana will continue to respond to those who have questions that need answering or who have news that needs to be shared.
Once again and as always, thanks for your time and interest.
The Old Gringo