Sunday, 5 September 2010

Unwanted Brilliance

     Among my many shortcomings is the ability to gloat about being right.    Hooting and tooting about "shovel ready projects" and budget shortfalls of one administration when compared to the budget Niagara-falls of the next are my specialty.   But analyzing weather developments ahead of the public and private services is my real downfall.   Saint Peter will leave me, at best, in Purgatory.
     In any regard, we are awaiting the further development of a weather system that might or might not have something to do with that which concerns us most at these hours.     All the reservoirs in the Rio Grande's watershed are either full or well beyond capacity.   A tropical low is getting its act together, after crossing over the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, from the Pacific Basin into the Atlantic Basin.   As it crossed it entered into a massive aggregate of moisture at all levels that began as Tropical Depression V almost two weeks ago.   This little system was supposed to further destroy the northcentral Gulf Coast and aggravate the "oil spill problem".    Of course, since George Bush did not have time enough to do nothing about it, both the system and almost all the damage left the area or dissipated.   The remnant of the system has dwelt and/or circulated through Dixie and the Gulf until now encountering a provocateur.....which is this little low from Tehuantepec.
     We literally must be and are awaiting its development and direction of movement.   The winds will not be the problem....but rather its slow movement and amount of potential precipitation.    Rainfall could be torrential.    You all can read about the effects of the last round we had with one Category II hurricane (Alex), and one tropical depression (#4) back in July and August. 
      Before anyone says anything about Glacial Melting and Al Gore...please be aware that many a Spanish galleon was sunk because the captains said.."You know, since that hurricane went by, we're not going to see another let's get this gold and silver to Huelva and head for the saloons in Madrid!".     The period in the 19'teens and the 1890' well as the episode of 4 storms landing within 60 miles of the mouth of the Rio Grande in 1933 will disallow any notion that failure to ratify the Kyoto treaty lead to where we are to-day.
Thank you, once again, for your time and interest.
The Old Gringo