Monday, 13 September 2010

Bits and Pieces

     Time has come to start packing up for another trip down to our little mud house.   There were some questions about things in previous posts that I need to answer.....along with a couple of points that needed to be fleshed-out a bit.
My comadre (once again, she is the mother of my son-in-law) in her excellent reportage of the stunning rainfall event that hit Central Texas last week made some reference to her mother and father's place....quite a high end retirement area not far from all concerned.     She lives about 14 miles from her parents and about 12 miles from my son-in-law & daughter & granddaughters.    Her father is nearing 90, and like her mother, is quite active and alert.   I would like to point out that her father was one of the "young guns" so to speak of World War II .... piloting  a B-17 over Europe....Germany in deliver preliminary foreign aid to the human race by helping in the eradication of a particularly objectionable type of socialism. 
An unlikely bunch hiding out on the patio of my
compadre's balcony-patio, overlooking a magnificent
view of the Texas Hill Country.    We are (l to r) my
compadre, my son, my son-in-law, and the Old Gringo.

      Because of his efforts, along with 59,000 pilots and crewmembers of American bombers who died trying, the German Workers' National Socialist Party came to an end in 1945....and the world (along with Germany) has been better off .   My compadre (his son is my son-in-law) could not serve in the real military, so he was honorably discharged from the Navy....I am honorably discharged from the real military, so I was in the Army.   My son is honorably discharged from USCoast Guard....which I guess is good enough because they are the only service that is at war at all times....(He was in Baltimore during the 11 September 2001 situation...imagine).

     Anyway....all levity aside....we are a pretty dull, reasonably militarist bunch of people....and we look forward to the future while checking the rear-view mirror frequently.    I am blessed by their existence and incorporation into my orbit.
     Now, we have events coming up at the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, so time has come to start buying dogandcat food and a few provisions that will be better obtained "here"  as opposed to "there".     Among other things that might pertain to "there",   I shall have to find a muffler for my old chariot.   That will be done down in the area...not far from the Quinta.   Oddly, one of the little industries in the "community" is the fabrication of mufflers and tailpipes.   They are quite good and are bought by "city people" from Victoria and even the Monterrey area.  Installation usually takes about 20 minutes and the cost is...let me say...reasonable.
     Beyond that,  these are the times to prepare for folks who will be coming out to see the literal fog of Monarch Butterflies which will begin next week and continue on through early December.    The peak will be early October through mid-November.   If it stays warm, then the flights will extend into the December dates.   I have had a lot of folks from the Monterrey area in years past....and there are several people requesting reservations down there for use of the Quinta.   Alvaro always becomes huffy and exasperated when people call and want the impossible...."We only have 17 people..." "We have to have our tacos made a certain my mommy did..." "It really doesn't matter just two cigarettes before we go to sleep....We can leave the window open"...."No,no...our children are different...yes, I know they broke everything the last time...but they are totally different now...I promise they won't stuff towels into the toilet this time".....
     For some reason when I say..."No smoking children.....two people at a time....a third person is permitted if related....we serve what we serve, please advise in advance  if you have medical, dietary conditions.....Three nights is a minimum stay".....Then there is no problem.  
       Even after owning and operating an excursion company for many, many is admitted that for the first couple of years with the Quinta,  we had a bit of a problem enforcing our rules...But not now.   It occurred to me that we built the place....we paid for it, we did all the legal work....we should also defend it and require what is required to ensure its defence and maintenance.  
       Perhaps it is because this is more "something to do" than something that has to make money.   Perhaps it is because I am just a cranky old codger who has a bit of hermit's blood.    But....the people who stay with us always seem to think that we are very generous and kind....perhaps they just do not know the  "Real( inner) Old Gringo" .
     We shall make a few further comments in the next couple of days, so readers might want to check back....or forward questions....because I should be out for a couple of weeks or more before a brief return in October....
15 September 2010

(This will link you all to the tropical involvement referenced in this blog addenda.)

     We are really back into watching the weather again.   The Rio Grande dams are releasing again.....just in case....and Tropical Cyclone Karl is taking aim at somewhere around Tampico and points north.    The fear is that there is considerable possibility that the storm remnants might move up to the northwest and rain itself out  in the Rio Grande watershed.   Tomorrow, I will be driving a day or two ahead of landfall closer to the belly of the beast, so I should have some interesting stories upon my return.    We have already been through a couple of these storms so far this season, so whatever was going to have been damaged, has been damaged.   Therefore, I am not expecting much out of this even if it goes over us.   The real problem will be if, in fact, it does move up along the face of the Sierra Madre Oriental.   The rainfall totals of these systems can be staggering, as we have seen this season and several times over the period of recorded history here.
      More later.
Once again, Thank you for your time and attention,
The Old Gringo