Monday, 17 July 2017

Adrift, at a Loss, a Sad Commentary


    As we bear witness to the melodrama unfolding in the political arena, our hope for the American Experiment's continuation dims by the second.   The Democrats do not concern me.   They are degenerate, predictable, arrogant, and essentially pointless in the matter of any significant discussion or debate.

     Wishing not to belabour reasons why the Democrat Party as a political - electoral entity is not an issue, it is well to point out that the institution is the greatest collection of grifters, cheats, criminals, race-baiters, national socialists, bolshevik socialists, nihilists, charlatans, bigots, hypocrites, rioters, social parasites, and just generally the types of people who leave a rally littered with trash, marijuana butts, and used pampers.
     If a person says that he / she is a Democrat, then he / she must consider that he / she is an ally of the Ferguson Rioters and Looters and the Occupy Wall Street indolent delinquents.   It must also fold into the mix all the dead bodies associated within the political and social class of people who come into contact with the Clintons.
     It must also be considered that their greatest star is a black man of no American Negro tradition, suffering, or accomplishment.  His greatest "accomplishment", the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) was a disaster that fulfilled the warning of "....beware of voting to find out what is inside a bill authorising the OSMI....".    Enough.

     Verily, my greatest lament is the general condition of the Republican Party.   We elect so many men who have such low testosterone, and so many women who wish to be "reasonable" instead of right, correct, certain in philosophy, and guardians of the precepts of liberty.   Instead of defending  free enterprise, tradition, good order, they choose to abuse the exchequer with vote-buying, re-election-insurance schemes.  Said insurance, of course, being  purchased with yankee dollars, freshly printed.

     We are also hung around the neck with the millstone of a President who twitters.  And, no offense to 12 year old girls, but great moments in history and literature are not made up by 140 letters.   We have an occupant of the Oval Office who calls members of his own  party by course names, especially like "Lying Ted".....when the name-caller himself declares that everyone knows that "Lying Ted's" father was one of the Kennedy assassins.  

     Then....he wants solidarity and full backing for his proposals.  True enough, he has done some correct things.  The appointment of a Scalia - Thomas style Constructionist to the Supreme Court was encouraging.   But the senselessness of wasting time about a "Border Wall" paid for by Mexico and other such madness is also foolishness.   It is akin t0 the idea of imposing an "import tax" as a method of making Mexico pay....(??).   Just who does that hurt?
     It hurts people, who play by the rules, by uselessly increasing the cost of the legal movement of people and goods both directions.  Really smart Keynesian thinking (snarky sarcasm switch 'on').  Or call it, "How to replace savings with expenditures so as to forever keep the budget, as well as the citizenry, out of balance".

     The supposedly-Republican controlled Congress is made up of substantially conservative people, but a significant number are "reasonable'' people who like to think in terms of "public-private partnerships",  "reaching across the aisle", "building working relationships", and above all else, "working on behalf of the hard-working American people".   Such is the stuff of all mammy-pamby moderates who believe in seeking the "middle-ground".    In Texas we say that the o'possum in the middle of the highway is the one most likely to be splattered.

     These reasonable and moderate Republicans have no interest in philosophy or principle or purpose beyond their notions of doing what is necessary to maintain their place in the Senate or the House of Representatives.  Just the other day, twenty-four of the GOP's finest sided with the Democrats to help pass an amendment to a funding authorisation for the War Department to pay for "gender re-assignment services for members of the armed forces".

     Various Senators on the Republican side are posturing about how they want to "save" medicaid for the most needy, while a couple are concerned about the negative effect un-funding Planned Parenthood will have on the women of their States.   Of all the recalcitrant Senators, there is only one who has a reasoned reason.  That one is Rand Paul.   His position is to pass a clean law of abolition of the previous law down to the letter.   That is the way it is done.
    He further believes that more of the burden of public health should be placed upon the shoulders of the various States, who know where the weak spots in their respective States are.   This business about "funding health care" is exactly the same as Government backing for the student loan programme.....that follows the rule of...."The more money the Central Government shovels into the funding of student tuition loans, the more the universities will charge in tuition."   The by-product of this phenomena is that incompetent, leftist "professors" can sit back and spill non-academic, purely personal marxist opinion bilge, and be paid 90,000 yankee dollars per year for working part-time while doing nothing.

     Stunning Republican stalwarts manning of the parapets to defend the concept of limited central government and the limiting of central government?  Not so much.
     It brings to mind Bob Dole, whom I had the pleasure of driving around during the 1980 campaign here in South Texas when he served as a surrogate campaigner for the Ronald Reagan / George H.W. Bush presidential ticket.  Senator Dole carried at all times a card in his pocket that had the 10th Amendment printed on it.  It is the Amendment that declares that all those things not specified as pertaining to the authority of the central government are reserved to the authority of the people and the various States.
     But it was Bob Dole who spoke proudly of having imposed on every State the need to put handicapped bird-cage cleaners within reach of every granny from Alaska  to Florida.   The ADA....solved all the problems for the lame and the halt.
   It was obviously an issue to be handled locally, either well or clumsily or not at all, depending on the will of the people in the area affected.   So now we have people in huge electric carts blocking the aisles in the grocery stores and "free space ecological areas" in the closest spots of convenience at every parking lot from here to Jupiter.  And they remain unused 91% of the available time.

Elephant Stampede
    (Please be aware that El Gringo Viejo essentially has no left knee and a permanent labyrinthine disfunction of the left ear, qualifying for the last 50 years for this or that disability consideration.  But because of closest friends being exposed to combat mortality (El Zorro), and because of losing a relatively close friend in such combat, and because of the many who many went willingly into the battle and returned in flag-draped coffins, I determined never to use any convenience for the handicapped.  And, yes Virginia, I do have an Honourable  Discharge from the United States Army.)

     If ever there were a time for compromise, it would be this time, but only within the corral of the Elephants.  If we could truly argue among ourselves, as Sincere Elephants, and arrive at a "medium-term" compromise while we worked towards full and total privatization of the practice of the medical arts and sciences, then we would be men and women of virtue en lieu of serfs begging from Lois Lerner and Donna Brazeale and Nancy Pelosi for the few crumbs that might fall from their table of plenty.

     Why, Oh! Why can we not be required to go trudging up to the Council of Vipers that is the United States Civil Service of the GS - 9 through GS - 14 civil service to beg for our daily bread?
      Why was there a War fought, ostensibly to bring the Grapes of Wrath, and the Fight to Make Men Holy, and to Make Men Free with so many killed and destroyed.....when now we are all slaves to the whims of unelected bureaucrats and elected people who are afraid of losing their seats in Congress and unwilling to slap the hands of the nincompoops who control the bureaucracy??   Why?

    I have come to  agree with the conclusion of Senator Ted Cruz.  I concur with Rand Paul, and vigorously urge, suggest, yea! even demand that Rand join with the vote of approval with the proviso that we shall continue to push from the Right to further unchain the people from the efforts of the Left to establish Utopia on Earth.
   We recognise that Utopia as defined by the Left is akin to approving the knee-jerk hatred of Jews and traditional and faithful Christians, the hatred of liberty, the hatred of a happy disorder of people following their faith when it does not involve Sharia or atheism.

      We leave this matter to the hands of Higher Powers.

     The Abraham Lincoln types and  the yankees solved the Negro problem and that is why everything is perfect among that category of Americans to-day.  
The Nation was wasted and the North had to import several hundred thousand Irish to catch Confederate bullets and shrapnel, perfection has a cost.

      Carrie Nations also solved the problem of people drinking too much and disregarding their wives and chillun's by axing and hammering fine cherrywood bars into kindling.....Margaret Sanger almost managed to feed the Negro race in America and elsewhere into a wood-chipper....and everything would have been made better. She applauded the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi efforts at "racial improvement".
    At every turn, great social movements have had even greater unintended results.    Remember....1950 the illegitimate baby production of the Negro Race in America was 7% and their crime rate was roughly per capita equivalent to that of the general population.   After years and years of "civil rights" and "social democracy" and "Black Lives Matter" and AFDC and Section 8 and food stamps and medicaid, and free school lunch, and etc. bilge, we now have 78% illegitimate births.   How did that happen?

     Deranged Democrat National Socialist social engineers calling for more, and eunuch Republicans afraid to vote in the House and Senate for the hard stuff that will solve the problem.  Testosterone and Estrogen deficiency.  That is how the sociological Titanic disasters have occurred.

When and where will it all end?   The answer my friend, is certainly not blowing in the is obvious and before us.   It lies in the removal of government from the chores of the average man and woman who have a catechism.

Thank each and every, as usual, for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo