Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Call to Man the Parapets


(A short note sent to the office of the Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement.   We might urge friends and even foes of similar mind advise the TNM and your favourite elected officials to consider these measures)

Over the last few days a notion keeps recurring to me about this Texas Nationalist matter.

     As you know I am a minor but loyal contributor, and have been for some time.   We have dedicated a significant position on our blog face-page  to promoting the Texas Nationalist Movement as well.   My bona fides speak for themselves as well as having a long history of very moderate, reasoned pro-Texas independence and defence of Confederate positions.  I end this preamble with the reassurance that one of my main enemies in this life is the existence of the Ku Klux Klan.

     My thought is that it might serve us well to attempt a steady push from the side...the flank.... of the argument.  We try organisation, legislator persuasion, confronting an intransigent and timid Texas Republican Party....all with some success, but never quite enough.   Therefore, I would propose this attack against the flank.   What about pushing for changing the name of a few things.

    To this day, the formal title of Virgina is "The Commonwealth of Virginia".   An entire Commonwealth named for just one Virgin Queen, (or perhaps a little girl).
   To this day, the formal title of Pennsylvania is "The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" entire Commonwealth named for just one man.

    Still, the formal title of Massachusetts is "The Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

     And, of course, the Bluegrass "State"  is formally announced as "The Commonwealth of Kentucky".

     We, as Texians, have no problem with this,  because as 10th Amendment people and as instinctive Separatists, we believe that the term "sovereign State of....." should have some legal, moral, and very concrete meaning.

     Moving to conclusion, my suggestion to you and yours....(of whom,  I am one) that you begin a steady, passive attack, to be increased in intensity and velocity over the months, of urging that the Poobahs and mamby-pamby Texian "believers"  who just can't quite make it over that line in the change the formal title of our grand entity to "The Republic of Texas".   When I use that term in Mexico, at our place and precincts there, the Mexicans of any organised class....lower and higher....never bat an eye.   Various even use the term now in conversation with me....." Republica Texana"......   It does well in French, as well, with "Le Republique Texian" rolling off the tongue as would a speech delivered by Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de La Fayette.

     We could approach the timid legislators and senators with the truth and the ploy that "It's just a simple name change, like Commonwealth."   I would urge that we further the "just a name change" Trojan Horse with the idea that the elected head of the Republic should certainly be called......"ladies and gentlemen, the President of the Republic of Texas, the Honourable Gregg Abbott." 

     Of course, the Lieutenant Governor would have to sacrifice his title become the Vice-President and President of the Senate.    Titles could be recommended on down the food chain.  Instead of Land Commissioner, something like Chancellor of Public Lands of the Republic.   Etc.

     The point of any and all of this is to accustom especially the broad moderate mass of reasonable Texians to "take this small step" to further define and project Texas as something 'a little different'.

     We are being inundated by people from lesser districts who have become dependent upon the idea that "The Government should do something about (such and such) we did in California - New York - Michigan - Illinois - Oregon - Wherever".   It is necessary to take active measures to ensure our strange culture made of attitudes of Jews and Christians, all nature of Angloids, all nature of Mexican / Spanish,  and all nature of Black Africans, and Czechs, and Polish, and Germans, and Swedes, etc. etc. be respected and prolonged.
    We truly are a people apart, and we need to establish certain sociological markers or we shall lose it all forever.   You have heard this all before.  You have probably also said all these things before.   But, I think, the effort to define Texas as a Republic and our officials, for better or worse, as Presidents,  etc. would change the inertia from sedentary / active / and pro-Independence.

We wish to thank you for your time and interest.  Please forgive our invasion upon your few minutes that might be left over from your busy schedule that each day presents.

David Christian Newton