Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Ancient Mexican Way.....and commentary. Trump, the Lunacy of the Obsolete Press, and San Jacinto


The Ancient Mexican Way.  To wit:

Buen día David..

               Me encuentro con mi familia aquí y recordamos tu día onomástico; Queremos desearte muchos años mas de vida y que la pases muy bien acompañado de tus seres queridos.

               Recibe un sincero abrazo de parte de todos..Feliz cumpleaños!!

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Good day, David:
     I find myself with my family here (Cd. Victoria and/or Hacienda de la Vega adjacent to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre) and we remember your Saint's day (Saint David);   We wish for you many years more of vide and that you should pass time well-accompanied by your loved ones.
     Receive a sincere hug on our part...Happy Birthday!!

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    This is a fairly common format for best wishes between family members and/or very closest friends of the family.  One Christmas, early on in our occupation of our adobe home,  they brought me a 90 dollar fruit, cheese, and wine basket (we still use the basket) which I was obliged to receive and appreciate, but I told Don Rafael that it was up to him to provide money to the advantage of his son, and not to me.   He actually seemed affronted, but he (and the family) acquiesced, although Don Rafael still dotes on the Old Goat (El Gringo Viejo) and brings "necessaries and notions" out with him when he comes out from  home-base in Cd. Victoria.
     We return the favour by bringing things down from Gringolandia that are asked for, and that can be purchased at much lower prices and imported into Mexico legally, without duty.
     OK...I'll admit it....I also buy a certain type of coffee from the socialist, pro-abortion Starbucks that pleases Don Rafael, as well, when he suggests that he is running low.

     Please remember.  True, real-live, Texian / Confederate, and / of Constitutional Conservatives are puzzled by the idea that Trump is regarded as a Conservative.   His inability to draw up a broad -brush budget and submit it to the Majority Leader in the Senate, and especially to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, leaves me a bit stunned.
      The only reason for his not having done this is because he is desirous of having a sledge-hammer that he can wield against.....against....against whom?  The Republicans in Congress.

       And, as usual, the Republicans fell into the quicksand-tarpit.   As soon as the bargaining began concerning the forensic vivisection of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI), Lord Donald evaporated so as to have a better vantage to watch the Liberal Republicans, the Moderate Republicans, and the Right Wing Crazy, Wascally Republicans immediately begin to order Elephant Steak (very rare), and start eating it right in front of the crowd coming out from the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway after viewing "Hamilton".

      Trump is now explaining how he will make up for the short-fall in funding the necessary functions of the central government by taxing the comings and going of people to and from Mexico and the United States, especially Texas, legally.
       He is also planning to revise the extent of his proposed "tax-cuts", while trying to figure out how to "squeeze the balloon."    The American people, after having attended the Universities and other institutions of higher learning during the period of 1999 - 2017, have in their majority concluded that money comes from a printing press in the basement of the White House.

     So, Uncle Donald is going to declare, " order to have this tax reduction we are giving the common slob millionaires and middle class, we going to raise taxes on everyone, especially the common slob millionaires and the middle class."   He seems willing enough to take the hit himself, but, as a matter of fact, he will not....nor do I think he should.  The American tax structure is designed to punish the rich for having too much.
    Especially aggravating is the notion that someone (Trump ) is going to charge 20 USD for a person to come in and 20 USD go back over an international bridge or terrestrial access between Mexico and the United States...and perhaps between Canada and the United States.   It is madness.  One must live here on the border to understand.
     Allow me to state,   and once again since we have made this explanation at least 15 times, there are over 1,000,000 Mexicans who cross into the United States and Texas every day legally.   On all days the return from the United States and Texas of Mexicans to Mexico is more or less equal to the number who crossed into the United States earlier.   The bridges in Texas are already charging 3 or 4 yankee dollars to cross into Mexico, and the private and public bridges from Mexico, going into Texas, are charging nearly 3.00 USD,  plus or minus.

     Please maintain any pressure normally exerted upon your representatives and senators at the Central Government level (Washington D.C.)


     And now we deal with the Lunacy of the Obsolete Press.   Allow us to simply state that this truly is the moment of most definite journalistic disassembly.   Considering that 96% of the political contributions during the last presidential campaign, made by those working in the televised and newspaper and wire service press went to the Democrat candidate, one would think that the members of that Fifth Column of subversives and radicals would be a bit more discreet in revealing their ire.  Their journalistic sins of omission and commission have moved well beyond "Noticeable" and are now in the red zone of "Hyperventilating,  Red-faced, Respiratory Arrest Warning".....Nurse, bring the pads!!!!
     It is very similar to witnessing a child throw himself onto the floor in the restaurant while having a seizure-like tantrum.


     Finally, we are combing over our research and readings.  We have continued to study during the year, and have been comparing notes from texts and writings we read long ago.  As thoughts come into focus, in my own manner of processing, we shall write up another analysis and reportage about the Battle of San Jacinto with Pertinent Secondary Thoughts and Observations.   It is with some humility that I advise that it might be worth the copying and putting into important paper for your families, if you are serious about being a Texian.   We shall attempt to have a concise three or four page synopsis that your children, grandchildren, and / or interested visitors might wish to read.  
     This is more than somewhat presumptuous on my part, but at this stage of life I have certain prerogatives as well as certain obligations.  Among those obligations is to utilise and show the purpose of a liberal arts education.  Such academic pursuits are taken not so much to find employment as they are to simply broaden, deepen, and extend the comprehension of of our past, present, and future.   We promise a relatively short, deep, and authoritative synopsis of the most important military engagement on Texas soil ever. 

More later....To-morrow we shall be heading to extreme Central Texas to count grandchildren, dogs, cats, and our children and Consuegros.
El Gringo Viejo