Sunday, 16 April 2017

La Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre

     People, normally women and very young children, would arrive at water's edge on the Rio Grande in the Mission - Sharyland - McAllen area and engage a "chalan" or some semblance of a watercraft that is normally hand paddled or paddle paddled over to the Texas side of the Riio Grande.   The "cruceros" then return to the other side as quickly as possible, and it is there where they might have to face the music from the cartel slugs.  Those individuals show up after the "cruceros" have been paid, and the cartel guys will take all or a significant part. 

     The cartel people are much more well organised, but one must recognise during these days that they take immense losses to the Mexican military (dead, wounded, and loss of merchandise) and on the "other side" mules being detained and arrested and their cargo confiscated.   The cartel operations cross in small boats, jet-skis, inner-tubes, etc. large amounts of drugs and marijuana. That is their business. The women coming with tales of abusive husbands, terror caused by gangs, and all the horrible things....are telling the truth to some extent...albeit minor. Most of the "refugees" are coming to find the Fountain of Plenty....AFDC, Section 8, food stamps, Medicaid, and a score of other special programmes they receive...because once a "refugee" whelps on American soil, she cannot be deported because she is the only support for her baby, and the baby is an "American Citizen" even if in name only. He cannot be deported, and the mother is his/her only source of sustenance. That is the game.  Please do not doubt this.   These are not the Mexicans (legal and otherwise) of the 1930s - 1960s who were almost totally benign or positive aggregates to the general population.

     The sad thing is, these women are quickly caught up in the MS13 mess....and the other minor-league Central American cobwebs of drugs-prostitution-money laundering-murder-extortion-and chaotic social non-adaptation. They are in no wise "refugees" nor "immigrants". It is simply a shake-down of Uncle Sam and what the Democrats think will be a well-spring of votes in short order. The Republicans speak in muffled tones because of where their heads are anatomically placed. So nothing is done.
      Mexican "self-deportation" has worked to the extent that more adult non-American citizen Mexicans have returned to Mexico without prompting than have "gone North" during the past 12 months, especially if their visitors' or work visas have lapsed. Mexico has a pronounced labour shortage. Three to five time minimum wage with benefits is not uncommon at these moments for semi-skilled and especially "skilled" blue-collar people.

     I could go on forever. But reporters and the anti-Mexican commentators, and the anti-American commentators, on the screeds of the Obsolete Press and their acolytes, just sadden and bore me. The inability to do critical thinking is a cancer that has defeated the American....and Mexican....ethos. The folks at the LA Times send reporters down who magnet onto the Frida leftist movement, and declare American attitudes, free enterprise, and capitalism is at fault for everything.              
   Another form of passive Imperialism, for instance, frequently intoning the shibboleth  "just look at what the "blockade" did to Cuba and its people!" they declare without regard to the falsity of the argument.   They send back bilge to print in their magazines and newspapers, which are less and less frequently read, but with which they have accord, because they are of the same anti-normalcy, anti-American, anti-"rich people" mentality that are now being vomited out of to-day's marxist and "liberation theology" colleges and universities, public and private.

    God help you all.   I am your friend.  Since my father was in the Horse Cavalry (Headquarters Squadron, 12th Regiment (mounted), Ist Cavalry Division, serving primarily on the frontier between Mexico and the Texas) I feel obliged, willingly, to oppose the stupid wall proposed by Trump. There are many better ways to secure the border.
     Also, please be advised, that if you stop by our little adobe hut you will be well treated. But...what you see about any and all of this issue in the modern "press"  is goat vomit. I am an ultra-rightwing, Republican since 1952, grandfather, father, inter-ethnic marriage (English-Spanish), college graduate, Honourably Discharged, traditionalist Episcopalian, losing blood relatives on both side of the War Between the States, bi-lingual curmudgeon....the classic un-complicated man.

   I would pray that you would be led into a true reportage of the matters facing the border, America, Mexico, and Canada, and humanity.   We thank you for your time and patience.

El Gringo Viejo.