Thursday, 17 November 2016

El Gringo Viejo has returned....the Earth Can Breathe Again

     We have tried during the entire length of the day to post this privately with close friends, clients, and family, but to no avail.     Pardon the blow-off from the pressure release valve and two-day temper-tantrum.
     The film below was taken by your humble servant without his knowledge.  It is called, "I didn't even know this stupid camera could make motion pictures." art form.   Apparently some secret but appropriate button was pushed and the results were this disjointed, real life scene of people delivering exotic lime saplings, some 9,000, once the delivery is completed, during the next few days.

     A considerable demand has developed with the markets in the United States, Europe, and Japan for these "high-end" saloon and culinary purposes.   Planting has been delayed due to the heavy rains during the first part of the month of November....a bit late for the rainy season....but the delay will pay dividends as we move through the drizzly, but very low collectible rain, period from mid-December through February.  (We are awaiting approval of this climatic activity from the office of AlGore.)



     As an officious and pompous, egotistical blowhard, El Gringo Viejo was moved to call his terribly imposed upon wife fairly late during the hours before the thankfully ended election cycle just past.  He advised her that he was calling so as to have a credible witness to the fact that the International Business Daily and Los Angeles Times tracking poll were the ones who would prove to be correct....that Trump would win....and the he went back to feeding cats, dog, and chickens in the dark.   The boss went back to sleep, discomforted by the fact that any of the postulated candidates would win.  I went on wondering why she would ever had burdened her life by lugging me around in a wheelbarrow.

     We shall see how things work out.


     We attempted to send the above motion picture clip to a gaggle of friends, clients, and family but it was quite an adventure.   To-morrow we shall begin our pontification and opinionated braying, but there will be observations from out of Mexico as well....and some historical commentary.  Please stand by.

El Gringo Viejo