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Pray for the Whole State of the Episcopal Church of America. It is lost and probably dead as a Christian Orthodox Denomination

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     One of the most evil and digusting practices of the medieval Christian church was the exhumation of the corpses of people who the Church decided had been heretics during their lives.  Essentially, the Church retroactively put dead people on trial for heresy, removed their remains from its “holy grounds” and treated them like so much garbage.
     Whatever else is wrong with Christianity, it is comforting to know that such a vile and loathsome mindset no longer plagues the modern Church:

     After quietly removing panes bearing the Confederate flag from its stained-glass windows, leaders of the Washington National Cathedral are now wondering what to do about remaining images of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
     “How can you justify having those windows in a house of God?” challenged Riley Temple, a former board member of the Washington National Cathedral’s foundation.
     Temple was one of several audience members who spoke on Wednesday (Oct. 26) during a series of discussions the cathedral is holding on racial justice. Also present was a scholar of Civil War history and an expert from the National Museum of African American History and Culture
     The stained-glass window debate comes at a time of soul-searching in America over the legacy of slavery and renewed calls to purge public places of the Confederate flag that is for many a symbol of oppression.


     (El Gringo Viejo responds  to the Mr. Riley Temple, who is an exponent of the need for the Episcopal Church to rapidly evolve into an LGBATHHESJDDXSA Temple of Ifitfeelsgoodthendoit Religion of the Masses, Reality, Relativity,  and all the Good Stuff.
       Egalitarianism and non-judgementalism is the only catechism, and all who disagree are to be subjected to the St. Saul Alinsky Purification of ridicule, minimalisation, condemnation, isolation, and defamation.  What a fine Church.)

     Robert (Bobbie) Edward Lee was identified as “America’s greatest soldier”. During a Mass at the incredible Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City to celebrate the peace at the end of hostilities of the Mexican-American War, Robert Lee was present and at the side of his military “Godfather”, Gen. Winfield Scott, Commander in Chief, American Forces in Mexico the one who gave Lee his title of being the finest soldier.

     Another officer noted something to the effect that…."….and there was Captain Lee, moving around with his candles and joining the processions on cue, It was as if he knew the ceremony in its strange language and beliefs”.
      Of course, Bobbie Lee ‘knew” the ceremony. He had studied and mastered Latin, and he was, like a lot of rich and poor aristocratic Virginians, an Episcopalian. The Anglican service was all but identical, as most here know, to the Roman service, and Lee served to guide the other officers and soldiers in the service and make them feel “at home”.

     Lee was such a horrid person….owner slaves and so forth….but truth be known he never owned a slave. Rumours of his bad treatment of “his” slaves seemed to contradict the fact that when Bobbie Lee would ride to the front to encourage his incredible soldiers, his valet or man servant was at his side….and at times they both had to be removed somewhat forcefully by subordinate officers who thought it unworthy of the risk to jeapordise such a “sacred cow” and his valet who were cherished almost as living icons.
     Lee also commented once, when asked about the situation and condition between the abolitionists, (who were deranged) and the slave-holding class (which was deluded and sleepwalking into their own ruin), Lee responded, “It would be preferable for the gentle and mellowing influences of Christianity and the will of God to move the hearts of men to a just solution to this problem.”
     The "hateful, racist, and bellicose" Bobbie Lee also thrust this gem of hostility and meanness into the annals of history when he said, after viewing the devastation of naval bombardment of Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz at the beginning of the Mexican – American War, “‘Tis best that war is so terrible, lest we grow fond of it.”
     One must wonder at those who cry out for “diversity” and yet are willing only to see the mote in the eyes of others who lived in a different time….a time that was measured in different ways. When all objectionable presences and words and thoughts are abolished and banished, what a wonderful diversity we shall have. Or not.

We retire,
El Gringo Viejo