Tuesday, 25 October 2016

El Gringo Viejo's Observations Concerning the Texas Early Voting


     We are witnessing a peculiar phenomena.  An election is held in the United States of America now with two of the worst candidates, perhaps, in the history of the Republic. It has established a new low combining two hopelessly self-consumed egomaniacs with an electorate that is desperately searching someone who will "give" something to this or that special cohort of the universe of voters.

     Typically, after all the dust settles, it goes back to the same as usual.  The Pseudo - Democrat candidate tries to point out how many bennies she will give to all the downtrodden who have suffered due to the American "Systems of Oppression".
     The pseudo-Republican candidate promises to give his followers a "vision" and more efficient administration of stupid programmes that still would keep people mired in the notion that "the government should do something for.....(enter name of personal gimme-gimme or group gimme-gimme, and/or major operator in some major industry or other human activity gimme-gimme such as the much needed ethanol.)".   Where does the line form for my new glasses?

     However, all of the above notwithstanding, we would like to point out that yesterday morning El Gringo Viejo went to vote absentee....in the ridiculous "window" of voting opportunity that starts, essentially two weeks before election day.  He was among the first.   At 07:59 about seventeen people had voted, all but one Spanish-surnamed.   The line formed up while I was voting.   When I finished there were about 20 persons formed up through the narrow doorway, being used as both entrance and exit.  The line was composed about equally of men and women, with the Latin element composing about 80 per cent of the group.

    All had their proof of citizenship.  I had used my passport.  Only one person did not have identification.   He had been brought in, ostensibly, by his daughter.  She declared that he had never voted, and that he was 92 years old and had no documentation of citizenship but had been born locally of American-born parents.  She had a very old Fe de Bautizo from a local Roman Catholic Church indicating that her father had been baptised as an infant in 1924 in Hidalgo County.   She, herself, had her proof of citizenship, and the old man was permitted to vote on a provisional permit....but immediately registered on the electronic machine. 

     Surmising the group, and after speaking with several as I left, it was apparent that about 90 per cent had voted for Trump.  It is also worth noting that in my driving around during the past few days, in an area where normally Democrat Presidential yard signs will outnumber Republican yard signs easily by a three to one margin....there have been very, very few Democrat / Hillary signs.

     The campaign of Hillary has been touting during the past few days that it is going to make push to "turn Texas Blue!" because the "polls" have shown HRH "within" striking distance, even here in Texas.   Now to the point of this entry in the blog.  We would suggest to HRH that she will not come close to any such measure.   While she might be popular in places like Dallas and Austin, the fact is she is the most thoroughly despised woman or person in the Republic of Texas.   Trump is up there, but HRH (Sir Edmund) Hillary is a few quantum leaps lower that even Trump.

That's all.

El Gringo Viejo