Sunday, 7 August 2016

Let's Hear Again, from the edge....the Mexican Credencial Electoral Federal


This is the level of encryption and processing hoops
the common Mexican National Voter's Registration 
Card has.   And every polling place now has a tie-in
 to the "Big Computer Bank" and every polling place
has a catalogue of register voters for that precinct
with pictures of each voter and other card information.

David Christian Newton writes on his Facebook:

     We have considerable concurrence and agreement on this end. We would suggest, however, that the interference by computer manipulation, as claimed by the South American fellow who recently made quite a dust-up in the international press, by saying that he does it as a profession for American and Mexican politicians, as well as others, is very improbable, in my opinion.  
     Also, since the measures now in force in terms of voter qualification have been implemented, it is noticeably more difficult to determine who will win a given election at any level in Mexico. We wish to point out as well that it is the Democrats and the Left of the American political panoply who suggest that the "Mexicans'", and Black folks, and left-handed Eskimos (Inuits, I know)  are too stupid and lazy to register to vote. It is "too complicated" for "minorities" according to them. Such an observation is a very telling point about the "Left" in America and its opinion of the "minority intellect".
     Were anyone on the Right Wing of the political spectrum, or in the Republican Elephant Corral, to suggest such a thing, that person would be well on the way to the Political Purgatory for several million years, yesterday.

     In Mexico, approximately 88% of the qualified electorate is registered to vote. In Mexico, no-one goes around hand-walking "registration applications" to the County Elections Registrar. What one sees, as do I in my dwelling among the Mexican populace on a prolonged and frequent basis, are long lines of people waiting with stoic looks, as the line moves steadily, if slowly, along, at numerous stations of the Comision Nacional Electoral that are established throughout the Republic.   Sometimes, towards end-of-registration-time, the lines wrap around a block two or three times.
     It is amazing how such offices flourish early each year. The Credential Electoral Federal that is issued to each potential voter is built up on the basis, first and foremost, on the photograph of the elector, taken at the CMN's intake facility. When all is said and done, there are 13 qualifiers that establish, very soundly, who the carrier of this card is and where that person lives, and where that person must vote, if he/she wishes to have influence in the coming elections.
     That is not the amazing part. During the election process, where the Dry Law is in effect, in some States for three days (stock up early), the elector goes to his / her casilla (precinct) to vote, and in that location there is a voluminous catalogue that holds the names, residence, picture, voter's identifying registration number, and other vital information concerning the elector who stands in front of the qualifying officer.
     The qualifying officer is supervised by a committee of observers, normally composed of one representative from each party with a horse in the race. That same committee will also count each vote that was casted, one by one, and each of the political parties' observers must sign his / her accordance with the count of the casilla (precinct).
     The document, above-pictured, is so important to a Mexican of any class, race, age, or condition, that it is favoured over even the official Mexican Passport or American Laser-Visa ( both very respected and readily validated on both sides of the Rio Grande/Bravo).  The Laser Visa is the somewhat costly American computerized bio-accurate entry visa for Mexicans who make many or several crossings on an annual basis.
     So, once again, whenever this comes up, I laugh and howl at the Pueblo Unido en Contra de Todo y El Maltreat Intencional de La Raza Capitalista Fascista y Opresiva blah, blah, blah....who actually think they are fooling somebody when they moan about "restrictions'' on voter registration. Just the day before yesterday, North Carolina released the number of people they had registered and on their polling lists (which of course have no picture of the elector) who were over the age of 110: the number? 2,100 and some odd. Others with names such as Pluto Dogg, Daisy Duque, Flash Gordon came up to about five times that number....also with no photographic reference point, because that would inhibit the registration of minorities, extraterrestrials, and victims.
     We would also point out that during the past presidential General Elections, of the several hundred precincts that voted over 100% of the registration of those relevant precincts, 97% were in "inner city" precincts. We publish on our blog ( with some frequency, details about the Credecial Electoral Federal de Mexico, and, of course, very few people believe me.   But the problem is theirs, not mine.  I live it, see it, believe it, and have seen the direct and indirect impact it has had.
     One additional note:   While Mexico is better off with a national registration, I still feel that the United States would be better served with States - by - State registration.

To end:   Jorge Ramos and Barry Soetoro condemn me because I say that NO aliens, not just illegal aliens, should be allowed the franchise in local, regional, State, or central government elections anywhere in the United States.  I say this, while simultaneously complying with the Mexican law in Mexico which, by Constitutional Provision, forbids foreign citizens from participating in any election in any manner including passive campaign support, under penalty of deportation and permanent expulsion from revisitation to Tierra Sanctus Mexicanus.
El Gringo Viejo