Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rapid Fire Commentary


To begin, we shall start at the end, and proceed back to the beginning, where it will all end.  

    We support the retirement of the United Kingdom from the European Union.  It is a dirty job to sell a country to the whims of Fabian Socialists and mega-billionaires who content themselves with all manners of indulgence while promoting taxation of the upper-middle socioeconomic class and the poor-rich who might have a million or two dollars of "excess profit" or "un-necessary wealth".
     The Fabians....all socialists actually....dwell in the conceit of knowing not only what their lessers want but what they need.   They are continuously thinking up new and better "free" things that they can give the proles....something like throwing popcorn and banana pieces at the animals in the zoos.   Lamentably, there are boatloads of  barnacles arriving at every port and crossing who like popcorn and banana pieces, and 2-liter bottles of red soda, and lottery tickets.  Willing donors (of someone else's money) and willing...what is the polite word?....willing consumers.

     There is danger in allowing people of such shallow deductive ability the authority or charge to simply wad up and discard any part of or the entirety of the American Constitution.  There is a large difference between republican governance with democratic participation and organic, democratic law.
     The Left is a great admirer of having law-by-decree.  Leftists are enamored of the convenience of an all powerful state-police, many tiers deep, that can enforce by caprice any and/or all the orders of the executive.  The leftist is an admirer of the "efficiency" of such governance.

     The "ruling document" of a leftist governance is apt to be a statement of rule of life.  A republican governance that employs democratic process does best with a constitution that limits the powers of the government while  recognising the general notion that local governance is best,  and that the sovereign is each man and each woman unto his and her self.  In the case of the United States of America, the beginning of authority, according to the Constitution that Common Law which applies to both Pauper and Prince is not derived from the Monarch, but rather, from the Creator.  
     That is how we replaced the monarchy.

     We are left now with the idiocy and demagoguery that the left so proudly wallows in.   We remember Nancy Pelosi telling us that the Occupy Wall Street human debris was doing "....the Lord's Work.''   More telling, when some despicable blob of white-trash scum walked into the Methodist-Episcopal Church there in South Carolina and murdered in cold blood nine cornerstone-type people, any one of which had a fingernail clipping that was worth more than the perpetrator of that horrid assault against humanity a little over a year ago.
     Interestingly, never letting a good crisis go to waste, the left and the anti-historical people immediately began to clamour for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the State Capitol.  Since, one by one, two by two, the demagogues and historical re-writers and the hypocrites have push, almost always successfully to remove any monuments or presence of anything pertaining to things Southern, and more especially, anything with a Confederate connection.

     We would like to bring to the table of discussion, for instance, the hag by the name of Carol Mosely Braun, who was terribly distressed as a United States Representative from Illinois, when the United Daughters of the Confederacy requested their renewal of charter so as to continue their work of attending to soldiers, sailors, marines, air force personnel, and coast guardsmen.  It had been a long-standing social/historical group composed of descendants of Confederate military and civilian persons.   Miss Representative Braun all but flop on the floor, clutching her heart, howling about how she felt so insulted that such a horrid group would even darken the door of the national capitol.  
     Before long, of course, she would set her own high water mark by numerous violations of the campaign finance law like paying her live-in boyfriend, a foreign national, 15,000/mo as a "campaign advisor".   She was involved in several violations of rules and laws, and finally was given an out by being appointed to an ambassadorship to New Billy Jeff Blythe during his last few months in office.  She went on to lose various elections and to always be found, like the Clintons, in or on the edge of some kind of a slimy legal mess.
     But by golly, she did manage to shame the Congress into not granting the UDC it charter renewal that it had held since the late 1800s....doing work for white man and black, Indian and immigrant, and especially for the soldiers returning with wounds from various wars.   Thanks Carol for standing up for....whatever.

     These people, trampling over the dead bodies caused by the light hand of the "understanding" of radical Islamic terrorists, shouting about how we must clear the shelves of "military style fully semi-automatic rifles."
     They keep trying to convince me that while thousands of people are killed every year in the medium-sized and large cities across this nation and are readily forgotten, the anti-firearms people leap at a chance to capitalize illogically on one single act of terrorism.   Democrats and liberals and Progressives do not like to bring up what their social engineering and un-earned AFDC and other public assistance has done to a once proud and independent people.   This year, Father Obamaham's precincts will make a run at 1,000 dead in "inner-city gun violence".  Many will be children caught in crossfires between soul-less sub-human scum, none of whom purchased any firearm according to the rules and regulations.

Why did they want the Confederate Battle Banner taken down for one thing and then gun confiscation and prohibition for the other thing?   There is no soul....within the Progressive.

More Later.   We shall be out for a couple or three days.
El Gringo Viejo