Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hillary Trump vs. Donald Rodham - Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum - With a prologue to those who marched to War


Head is spinning:

     We are trying to stay ahead of reality.  Four of my old classmates have crossed over during the past couple of months.   This last one was somewhat bitter because his parent's farmstead was not far from my parent's farmstead (less than a mile) back when both were "way out in the country".    It was a time when there were many fewer buildings, homes, and structures.   It was a time when fields yielded forth millions of tonnes of oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, vegetables, 
     When your humble servant skipped the 3rd grade,  he wound up in a hostile environment of huge children.   Some seemed to be nearly double the size of this writer at that age.  Richard was the first of the "guys" who came up and welcomed me, thus allowing for a bit of an easier slide into the class structure.   I remember the class as having about 38 prisoners.

     This buddy went to El Zorro...and one's thoughts turn to those types who gave so much in a war that was more justifiable than those....Lyndon Baines Johnson, for instance...who foisted it upon us.    And at the end, that first friend of the fourth grade, was received in Death by no one save for an honour guard of three riflemen, a VFW Chaplain, a president of the ceremony, and no one to receive the flag, save a representative from the Land Commissioner's Office of the Republic of Texas who oversees privately held, veterans' cemeteries.

     The service was very cut and dried.  A small container of the ashes of the veteran, no family, no friend save for this distant one who is writing and my better three/quarters.  In seventeen minutes it was done.   The formalities had been served, and faithfully so.  
     There were those who went to war and served nobly and at greater or lesser loss. Its Lt..Jack Whetsel - KIA,  PFC Alfredo Gonzalez, KIA, (Congressional Medal of Honour), people like J.R. Hathorn (Airman, seriously dangerous out-of-theatre special ops) and then others who simply served when and where called.   Richard and I were among those.   Richard is gone now, but I shall tell his and the other's stories....reminding one and all of the meaning of sacrifice.

Hillary Trump vs. Donald Rodham:

     Take the common Mexican - Texian - Wild West "Riata"  or lariat or common cow-puncher's rope.  Thousands and scores of thousands of strands of sisal hemp writhing and winding together to provide a pull strength enough to detain half-tonne and heavier animals, imagine.

     The two people named above are something like that .  Both are strong, one with the strength of a wild and undisciplined  bull or bear, the other will a tenacity based solely upon a brew of conceit, mendacity, and mad desire for money.   Both share each the other's weaknesses.

     The great American economist Gruber noted well that the American electorate is "stupid".  On one hand they will vote for a candidate who's signature slogan was "Hope and Change".  Later they would vote for another party's candidate whose slogan was "Make America Great Again".  Now the electorate has the additional choice in this stew of septic discharge given to the American public under the title "....isn't it about the time America should have a woman as President?"  I mean, what difference at this point, could it possibly make?

     We are presented with an electorate that asks "Who cares?" when it is advised that  Hillary is reasonably suspected of being in the intellectual author and prime operator of things such as murder, embezzlement, operation of shake-down "fundraising" programmes, selling presidential pardons, fraud, removal of evidentiary matters pertaining to numerous felonies, abuse of women's interests in various cases pertaining to her "husband"and much more.
     We receive reaction of incredulity when we suggest that Donnie is an overstating clown, a carnival barker, a mediocre businessman who always....always....overstates his successes and predictably minimises his failures in business.   Proof?  Consider that had Donnie simply placed his inheritance into American, Mexican, Canadian, and UK paper, public and private, his net worth would be three times what it is to-day.  As it is, adjusted for inflation, it is true that his inheritance is worth only what it was at the time that he was awarded said inheritance, perhaps a bit less.

      Another oddity.  How does the woman who snickered about being that person who would "be there" when that dreaded call came at 03:00 hours reconcile herself with having been the drunken old bag who had to hide behind subordinates for days while the cauldron bubbled-up "The Anti-Mohammed Video" explanation.   The duplicitousness of such a manouever is flabbergasting.
     To think that a woman of such little worth, of so little fervour for the Right Path, can still stand before a crowd of dumpy old white women and shovel rotted road-kill intestines upon them, telling them, "I will fight for you!  Not those Wall Street People...I will teach them a lesson!!!"

     We are left with Donnie-boy Rodham and (Sir Edmund)Hillary Trump....two people who at various times and places have each stood on both or more sides of each issue that they presently accuse each other of having supported and/or opposed.   On occasion at the same time or at different times.

     Donnie Boy called out Lyin' Ted, Little Marco, Ugly Carla, Sleepy Jeb, and on, and on.  He blustered and bragged about his huge crowds and about how he would self-finance.   When he was repeatedly whipped during the in-fighting that is unavoidable during primary election processes, he whined that the Republican Party was rigging everything against him.   And further he whined that they were doing all of this for Lyin' Ted Cruz....the same Ted Cruz that had been the very first to take on the GOP hierarchy, hand to hand, for being willfully ineffective and collusionary with the White House and the Democrat minority in the Congrefs.  True enough Rand Paul had been involved in this before, during, and after.   But that is expected, is it not, of a Libertarian?  Cruz took his risks as a before, during, and after Republican loyalist.   And Donnie Boy said that the GOP hierarchy conspired with the one person they hated more than Donnie Boy of being in league in a conspiracy to block Donnie Boy's nomination.  It was a  lie in and of itself, and believed by people who are dolts because they cannot and / or will not think the issue through.

     In all of this I blame the education system for purposefully destroying the Traditional America, and for purposefully producing "graduates" incapable of critical thinking.   I blame the public schools and higher education institutions for having reformed their mission from education and preparedness to an operation of a Gulag Complex, an integrated Gulag Factory operation, producing zombie dolts.
    Further, El Gringo Viejo blames the interfacing of the above with the general laziness of the electorate in terms of thinking about the true needs of the Nation and of the States & Locales which compose that Nation.   We have devolved into the Shame of voting by race and ethnicity.  We have become slaves to the notion that we "need" this subsidy, those food stamps, this or that "help" from some public agency, especially those agencies pertaining to the Central Government and other locales that operate with infusions of "free money" from the Central Government.
     It is one of my greatest sources of sadness that when I hear the words, "....and it won't cost anything because we are receiving funding from the "Federal" government."  What banal stupidity.   Another fully semi-automatic assault rifle. 
     And now comes Lyin' Donnie Rodham, whining before the Republican Party and Establishment, and saying, "Maybe my deep pockets aren't quite as deep as I thought.  Since I have always spoken real nice-like about you boys....maybe you could see your way through to slip me a few hundred million greenbacks.....?  For the campaign, don'tcha know."

     It is one of the greatest sources of sadness that I feel when the words, "....and it won't cost anything because we are receiving funding from the "Federal" government."  What banal stupidity.   Another fully semi-automatic assault rifle just waiting to jump off the shelf and start shooting.

     Both of these hapless, hopeless, and flawed candidates leave us with horrible visions of a continuing ruin of America.   They are simply strands in the ropes that will be used, finally, to hang us all when the Apes take over.
El Gringo Viejo