Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Should Ted lose this election in Indiana....


We truly do receive this as punishment but!!! .....if you really, really want to know, it lies below:

My life has been lived....I am old....my granddaughters are 15th generation Texians, I am 26th generation North American, not counting the 3/64's Mohegan and Cherokee blood....but including various Britannic strains and 5/64's German (Saxony - Prussia - Bavaria), and yes, I really am 1st cousin, three times removed to Rush....my great grandmother was Amelia (Meli) Limbaugh.    I have people who died under the Stars and Stripes, and many more who died under the Stars and Bars.I was, am, and will forever be opposed to slavery, whether it be by forced indenture or by bond and oppression, or by becoming a ward of the "benevolent State" as envisioned buy the marxists and progressives. The time draws nigh. May the Heavens intervene or deign to accept us all who stood against the slavery of socialism.