Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How These Things Happen - Please read to the last paragraphs


     One looks around at the shambles left behind by this ridiculous political process we have inflicted upon ourselves.   After all the centrifuging, filtering, and vituperation we have wound up with the two worst candidates possible.  Perhaps a minor miracle will occur and sanity can suddenly and silently move over the land, as did the Angel of the Passover.

     This time it would not be for the taking of the first-born.....but rather for the reprogramming of the brains and souls of humankind so as to think with discernment, compassion, and reason.   We are left, for the moment, with one candidate who is a chronic pathological liar.  She is a ''progressive" cum marxist in her dead rock that passes for a soul.  She is a consumptive narcissist....psychotic is too kind a word.  She is hopelessly devoid of vision, purpose, or concern for anything beyond herself.  

     The quick comparisons to Evita, or Catherine the Great, or Queen Victoria, or whoever are silly.   We have even heard one deluded member of the Obsolete Media declare that she is the "evolved improvement of Lady Thatcher or Golda Meir"....????
    Lady Thatcher, to the best of my knowledge, was never involved in so many cases of rape and murder, on a peripheral or closer manner, to the best of my knowledge.   Lady Thatcher was also a woman who cared more for her Queen and Flag than for herself.   (We can just imagine Lady Thatcher assuring some distraught Briton mother, "Don't worry, we are going to catch that person who made that horrible video.")

     Then we have a film-flam man who cannot speak in a complete paragraph without contradicting himself.  Our esteem for the National Rifle Association dropped from 91% to around 19%....perhaps an 11%, when they awarded "The Donald" with an endorsement.

     Think of it.  Some of the wisest political and cause thinkers in the history of republican democracy endorse a carnival barker.   Less than three days later, when asked if he would support teachers being armed in the classroom,  in one disjointed paragraph (Trumpian paragraphs are difficult to demarcate), Trump managed to affirm and deny, twice, that he did or did not think that a classroom teacher should or should not be allowed to be armed or not, maybe.
     So the bluster and bravura of "Why the French who are disarmed should not be the example for Americans;   we cannot point out to nutters and Islamic kooks where their best hunting grounds are by posting "Gun Free Zone" where families eat, children attend school, and people gather for innocent diversion" means nothing or less.   This (in blue) is a very good paraphrasation, that exemplifies that all of Trump's commitments, promises,  pledges, and 'lines in the sand' will probably all become piles of litter on the side of life's road.

     The body politic listen to gibberish and hear what it wants to hear.  Klanners  are convinced that The Donald will expulse all Mexicans from the United States.   Further he will make the Republic of the United States of Mexico pay for the expulsion and prohibit the future or re-entry by Mexicans into the United States of America by building a wall, which will be paid for my the Mexican government.

     As conservative as Texians are, when the discerning among us hear this camel vomit, we know for certain that Trump has the vision of a 12-year old, playing some kind of computer game.   Texas has firm, tough, and perhaps even meany-poo conditions that cause Mexican leftist activists ulcers.  Texas has ceased giving full-scale birth certificates to women who come across obviously to deliver an anchor-baby so that mommy can live on 40,000 dollars of public assistance while she watches telenovelas and the Gringos take care of her "special needs" baby.  We give some other kind of document that does not infer or confer citizenship.   Catholic Charities and all the other Liberation Theologists and ACLU-nutters declare that this is a violation of "basic human rights."
     The professional marxist-wave movement says this is a violation of human rights.  But, for instance, the Mexican government says that I must be fluent in Spanish to speak and write and do official business and that I cannot do about 50 things in order to be a foreigner who owns property in Mexico.   Among other things, I cannot actively campaign for any candidate...left, right, or indifferent.   I comply, because I am in a foreign country by my own choice, and respect the laws of that country.   To this point, the Mexican officialdom  has complied with their obligations of leaving me alone, providing some reasonable semblance of social order with a AAA - minor league, at times major league, military, and keeping a conduit open for the delivery and availability of products, made in Mexico or the United States and then the other 3% of UN members, and clean drinking water, public health initiatives, and so forth.
     Life is pleasant for this Gringo  while in Mexico because of the civility and conviviality of the Mexicans who surround this Gringo....and I request nothing from the government beyond what they are doing.  El Gringo Viejo does not want and will not accept anything that is beyond what is provided for and  by the common Mexican.


     Please beware.  The "common" OROG is substantially towards the upper-scale in terms of native intelligence.  So, I shall beg permission point out the obvious to underscore the head-scratching and wonderment that the OROG is going through after watching the  disorders in New Mexico brought on by gangs, thugs, and professional ''social justice" brown-shirts who are under the control of SCIU, Soros, and the general marxist / nihilist movement in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

     One of the reasons they burn American flags and use Mexican flags to accentuate their "protests" is that they know the instinctive, gut reaction of any real American is revulsion and anger.  DO NOT ALLOW THEM THE PLEASURE OF PLAYING YOU AND YOURS AS THOUGH YOU ARE FIDDLES.

     These same people are trained up to push their women into the police lines. They throw feces and urine-filled bags at the police and their horses, vehicles, and accoutrements.  It is what they do in Europe, Latin America, and now in is an extension of the "Occupy Wall Street" nihilists.

     Remember, these are the same people, on a first cousin basis in cultural and ethnic terms, who brought us the issue of the "43 Students of Iquala".  They were killed and burned by their own the leftist Mexican, and all the foreign press blames THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT.
      The problem?  There is not one iota of any kind of proof...processes done by Argentine, American, Mexican, Swiss, and French forensics specialists...that has been able to establish any reasonable explanation beyond the fact that the same leftist politicians who ran Iquala and environs and who were involved deeply in the trafficking of meth, cocaine, and heroin...were responsible for the ordered murder and reduction to beyond recuperation of the bodies of the ''activists".
      The disorders of Chilpancingo (capital of the State in Mexico  where Acapulco is situated) ....the Iguala matter....everything that is being done at this time on the North American Continent by leftists and anarchist activists is being backed by the Mitterrand Estate (number-one financier of "Sub-comandante Marcos" of Chiapas "Indian Revolt" fame) and the Soros complex.   The ACORN movement, the SCIU people, are all part of it.  Trump gets along with these folks, he is part of them as an acolyte of Alinsky.....(it's a business thing you know, you pay for protection)....and (Sir Edmund)Hillary either knows nothing about these things or does know and could care less.


     So, considering all the above, I think that my intellectual value is mediocre, perhaps even high-mediocre.  My life's experiences cause me to fear that the American voter and citizen is unaware that we are not sheep and goats to be cared for, sheared, at times slaughtered, and bred for wool and meat.   If the Americans want a President who will do things for them, and provide their meat and keep, then all is lost.    Both of the candidates of the two "major parties" believe that they can buy votes and attain residence, and play"King for a Day" in a big  white house,  for a while.

     This observer has tired of this mess.  Texas must retire from this mess.

     We have a slightly greater GNP than Mexico or Argentina and we have many fewer people.  We are equal to Canada, and we have only  1 / 12th the land area and claims of such land area.

  We have a clunky Constitution that has the lessons from the American Constitution, Reconstruction, Spanish Law, English Common Law, and a process for its amendment by approval via a plebiscite of qualified electors.
    I genuinely do not wish to be ruled by people who have called themselves Conservatives and who act as Rationalists.   Even less, I shan't choose to be governed and ordered by people who are worse than King George III in terms of understanding that the Human Spirit wishes to be glorify the Heavens....or at times to wallow in the temptations of Hell.

We retire to contemplate the moments of these moments.  We 
pray for the health of the survivours of the coming  collapse.  Pray for the re-establishment of the Republic of Texas.

El Gringo Viejo