Friday, 27 May 2016

Another Potpourri of thoughts and notions - we shall be brief, promise


     This will be one of those potpourri types of write ups. Beginning now.   Please do not associate the demonstrators at Trump events with anything beyond an extension of the mendacious and totally scripted posturing of every marxist-nihilist-anarchist grouping on Planet Earth.
     The reason there are those, feigning serious emotional injury, waving Mexican flags at these events is to cause the knee-jerk Archie Bunker reaction to such a thing.   "Well if you want Mexico better than America, then go back to Mexico you worthless ingrate....blah, blah".
     The people doing this and similar acts I have seen all over Mexico doing the same thing, and even burning the Mexican flag.   Why?   Because they want all businesses nationalised.   They want free food for the poor.   They want the rich to pay 90% income tax.  They want the original laws in the Constitution of 1917 prohibiting the right to vote to Roman Catholic (and certain other) clerics to hold property, or appear in public in sacred frock or raiment (even collars).
     They demonstrate for "justice", "dignity of the working class", "freedom from oppression"....and they leave behind police horses blinded by the acid that has been thrown in their eyes, plate glass windows of that cost 10,000 pesos per plate....knock out by the MacDonald's, at banks, at anywhere.   Autos set on fire, police and soldiers dripping with fecal matter and urine from bags thrown by the "students" who are "only looking for a chance to redress their many grievances, of course in a peaceful way".
     It is the same world-wide.   The Occupy Wall Street maggots with lice are found throughout Europe....they smoke dope, they copulate, they steal, they are paid frequently by Soros-type backers to "demonstrate spontaneously", and they always....always....refer to themselves as students.   Many OROGs may remember the write-ups El Gringo Viejo did about the Iguala, Guerrero matter.  During the disorders, elements of the "students'' who were actually "professors" at the government's "normal university for teachers" sent one of the students to firebomb a PEMEX full-service station with adjunct convenience store.  The student threw his Molotov-cocktail successfully at a premium-fuel pump, resulting in a massive, immediate conflagration.   A retired lieutenant of the Mexican Navy, retired honourably and partner of the business and its hands-on manager...a really fine place...clean....excellent store prices in the convenience store....clean restrooms....You know...Navy....went to put out the blaze with two medium-sized canisters.  A secondary, moderately large flameout caught him.
     The Lieutenant (retired) died three days later in a very fine hospital in Mexico City with a division specialising in fire and acid burns....died.  Leaving wife and children.   The American, European, and Mexican leftist press did not give a damn.

     So El Gringo Viejo requests that the OROG, who is of a higher order of intelligence and discernment, remember that the useless pieces of fungus on camel vomit who were demonstrating at the Trump rally are paid "confrontationists".   Please do not allow them to have "earned" their money.


Next:    The OROGs know that, if anything, your humble servant could possibly be charged with being pro-Japanese.  My experience with the Japanese began after World War II.  My Southern and sainted grandparents admonished me to always be nice to "northern people" because, as my grandmother would say,"None of them had much if any a hand in The War."   I had to assume that Japanese were no worse than Yankee bluecoats.

     My father and other farmers went to guarantee the patriotism and fielty of the Japanese - ancestried people who were fellow farmers here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, by paying a bond if necessary to avoid any "internment".  They blamed the whole internment thing on Roosevelt's racism.   And they were right.
    BUT, while not repudiating any of the will never be appropriate for an American President to visit the Hiroshima or Nagasaki sites so long as President is still in office.   If he/she wishes, he/she can visit the places under concern after leaving office.   In no case should an American, an American official, especially an American holding high office remotely infer an apology concerning the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

     John Wayne never served in uniform.  Had he served, I would imagine he would have been a good Soldier or Marine.   Maybe even exceptional and highly decorated.
     He did say one set of lines in a movie, however, that this observer has always remembered.   It was a scene wherein he was admonishing his platoon of Marines that,"....I'd like to tell you that we are going in to confront a stupid and cowardly enemy.  But...."

     The Japanese, though battered, still had 10,000,000 well-trained troops in China, mainly in the east of China.   They were making their way back to the Homeland, and preparations were being made for the crossing over to the homeland, via devices ranging from fishing boats to canoes.   Do not ask me how...but we need to remember that if had been seven Japanese on Gilligan's Island they would have been in Honolulu in time for Happy Hour at the Magic Ukulele Beach Saloon.                 
   My father always used an ethnic joke when people were damning the "Japs"....he would ask, "Do you know what a Japanese retardate is called?"....everyone is either silent or left without response...."They are called geniuses, like Jews".   It was a very good joke....and all good humour is based in truth.

    With all this said, and acknowledging the back-door deal made by Theodore Roosevelt about dividing the world up so that the Japanese would have hegemony over their "obvious inferiors" in the Orient, the Second World War was brought on.  There were many and sundry exit doors presented to both the Japanese and the assembly of Occidental countries and governments.

     We in McAllen remember Tsuneo Yahiti who was the Japanese exchange student.  He looked very similar to  Kyu Nakamoto (all Orientals look alike? No, not really)....and he was the epitome of the staid, elegant, Japanese gentleman.....almost excessively polite.   "Tsuneo, you don't have to do that.  You are too concerned about offending...''   And he would respond, " Yes, madam, but I know no other way".  Tsuneo had less hair that Kyu.  Several hundred went to the airport in McAllen to see him off. Many were crying....yes, even men.   Tsuneo was a treasure to the Empire of defeat or in prosperity.
     BUT!   Forever and a day.....we as Americans, even Americans who admire the Japanese as do I, we must remember.... No Pearl Harbour, No Hiroshima......No Pearl Harbour, No Nagasaki.   A personality as base as Barry Soetoro has no right or authority to represent America at that place (Hiroshima), or at Pearl Harbour for that matter.   And, further, anything he says there reeks of nothingness save self-promotion.   It is almost as if he is advising all, "I shall be the new President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. I am the President, therefore of the World."

    Certainly for people as agile intellectually as the Japanese, a phone call to or from the high command and the Emperor....could have avoided that final act of confrontation.  The error of the Japanese was the same as Lincoln's when he determined to bring on the "Inevitable" by trying to re-supply Fort Sumpter in Charleston Harbour.   For that error Lincoln paid with the lives of almost 500,000 union soldiers, many of whom were impressed (forced military draft) Irish, stepping off the boat in New York and others who had nary a generation in the American panoply of problems and solutions.

There shall be more about this and other topics during the next few days.
El Gringo Viejo