Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Think before you jump.....


     We were listening right now to the fact that Mr. Cruz has advised the Real Elephant Union that Carla Fiorina (aka - Annette Funicello) has been selected as that individual who will stand "one heartbeat from the Presidency".   Wise move, wise choice, wise strategy, wise tactic, and beneficial to the American concept of normalcy.  
     We would also suggest that there was a time when parting the seas with a staff, flying a single engine airplane to Le Gran France, and placing a man on the Moon were all considered laughable.

     However, consider the lessons of Baseball....the Great Catechism Instructor of Real Life.   It reads as follows:

      But neither of these two collapses can hold a candle to the events of May 23, 1901. The newly formed American League was in it's inaugural season and Washington was visiting Cleveland. Lefty Casey Patten, who eventually would win 18 games that season, took the mound for Washington. He was opposed by 30-year old William "the Wizard" Hoffer. Hoffer had enjoyed huge success as part of the Baltimore dynasty in the National League in the late 1890's. Over his first three seasons(1895-1897) he had compiled a record of 77-25 and twice led the N.L. in winning percentage, posting 30 wins as a rookie in 1895. But although 1901 would be Hoffer's first season in the American League, it would soon prove to be his last in the major leagues.
      Washington's offense struck early and often against Hoffer in tallying 14 hits to build up a 13-5 lead after 8 1/2 innings. And when Patten quickly retired the first two Cleveland batters to begin the bottom of the ninth, a Washington victory looked certain. After all, the bases were empty, there were already two outs and Washington was ahead by 8 runs. Down to its' final out, Cleveland slowly and methodically began accumulating baserunners. Three straight singles by Jack McCarthy, Bill Bradley and Candy LaChance produced the first Cleveland run of the inning. When the next batter, catcher Bob Wood, was hit by a pitch to load the bases, things were still a long way from settled. Cleveland shortstop Frank Scheibeck doubled home two more runs and centerfielder Frank Genins drove in another to narrow Washington's lead to 13-9. At this point, Washington manager Jimmy Manning had apparently seen enough and he pulled Patten and replaced him with reliever Watty Lee. 
      Lee promptly walked the first batter he faced to re-load the bases. Cleveland sent up pinch-hitter Erve Beck to bat for the pitcher Hoffer, who had made the first out of the inning. Beck cleared the bases with a three-run double to cut the margin to 13-12. The next batter, righfielder Ollie Pickering, drove in Beck from second with a single to tie the score, sending the frenzied fans streaming out on to the field at League Park in a premature celebration. When the field was finally cleared of revelers, McCarthy, who'd begun the rally with the first hit of the inning, returned to the plate. But Lee immediately compounded the problem for Washington by letting Pickering advance to second base on a wild pitch. McCarthy's second single of the inning was Cleveland's 20th hit of the game and drove Pickering home with the winning run for a 14-13 victory.
     Were Ted Cruz and his supporters to pull out any form of victory in Indiana, it would be something akin to that great scene where Rhett Butler tells Scarlett, "....frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."   You can win all the Yankee States  you want,  Don.    But, the problem is, whether we win or lose, we shall fight on and win.
      It is fairly recognisable that "the Donald" cannot withstand any sense of 'losing'.   If our guy and his forces pull out a victory, "the" Donald will have a meltdown, and show himself for the 12-year old, spoil't child that he is.
     This is not the time to be  jumping out of upper floor windows.  This is the time to circle the opposing army with our own light cavalry and shame him before his greatest admirers.  He is a shill, a provocateur, and a snake-0il salesman.   But, I think....with the "New York Values" State Prosecutor, unless he is paid off, will make life un-comfortable, to say the least, for "the" Donald.
More later.   We appreciate, most sincerely, the time and attention you all have given this page.
El Gringo Viejo