Monday, 25 April 2016

Sir Edmund Hillary, Duchess of Fort Marcy Park, Queen of the Universe, Eternal Goddess of All Universes


     We await that moment when (Sir Edmund) Hillary will receive at least the treatment Charles Colson received when the FBI found that Charles Colson had one (1) FBI personal raw data file in his desk, still sealed and unopened.  He went to prison for three years.   Or, mayhaps, that which befell Gen. Petraeus, for having one unauthorized file in his private possession, a having discussed that file with his "biographer" mistress.

     Stories are spilling out like bubbling broth from the caldron, and the fire is spitting and hissing with whispers about how the FBI will have a barracks uprising if Loretta Lynch does not move on (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew.  While it might be (please forgive) a pleasant sight to see Her Highness sitting in the stocks, bedecked in orange, it is very, very improbable that such will ever happen.   In all probability Huma is calling people everywhere around Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas to remind them that she has their files and that her "friends" know where their grandchildren and daughters of potential witnesses play and hang out, and what primary schools they attend.
     In other words, let us not hold our breath.
    We shall await the "coming-any-time-now" pronouncement
 from the Department of Justice.

     "Federal Bureau of Investigation files for indictments against Sir Edmund Hillary:   Multiple charges, including solicitation of murder in the first degree, a capital crime, and over 1,439 felonies associated with other violent crimes and death, and election fraud, and the handling of ultra-sensitive FBI files and other documents deigned to be far beyond the reach of any person's personal recovery authority.....and the use thereof to the detriment of active personnel in the National Defense and the effort of National Security.

And Furthermore:

     The Federal Bureau of Investigation admits to collusion in the Travelgate disaster, and to the cover-up of the Mt. Carmel disaster, engineered by Janet Reno and Sir Edmund Hillary, along with the failure to investigate adequately the "Pardons for Pesos" shame that Sir Edmund Hillary and Billy Jeff Blythe and Eric Holder and the brothers of Sir Edmund Hillary and Billy Jeff and such slime brought upon the  office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      The following indictments against (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Perpetual Queen of All Universes and Pantsuits, are too numerous to list.  We recommend that she be shot into the nether, sealed in the next available rocket-conveyance.   Once 'up-there' , she can seek out others of her type and have a wonderful time with her equals....such as Caligula, all those who call themselves 'Progressives' in America and elsewhere, and all members of that class of human  who wish to inflict 'democratic socialism and income equality' on the populace, Pol Pot, Adolph, Karl, Uncle Joe, Uncle Ho, Fidel and Raul, the Ortegas, Fernandez de Kirchner, and all "socialist reformers".

     Please forgive us.  Signed.....the FBI.
    (And to Richard Jewell - deceased and his mother, also RIP)....we knew that you were a hero, but we just did not want to let you have the credit for something we should have done, but did not do. understand....we had to defame and essentially convict you in public opinion, and that is not really, really nice.   But, perhaps you can take solace from the fact that we really celebrated with ''high-fives''  and long, long, happy hours at our favourite saloons.  You were such a fat, lower-middle class slob!!!!  Hahahaha.   Everybody knows your name, but nobody can name the guy we finally caught....Hahahahhaha....sorry, Rich....nothing personal!
      It's great when we have fat, no glamour, nobodies that we can slide off on America's public now-a-days.  The American public has an attention span of 2 seconds, and a critical thinking factor of 00.ooo1.   Have a nice day.   We have more important people to protect by covering up their felonious iniquity."
Pardon the ire.  We now return to our other pursuits.
El Gringo Viejo