Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some house-cleaning and changes to the Order and Method of Service at the Quinta


     We have been going over our seemingly never-changing statements about forms of service and meals that we have had for lo, these many years.   We are entering a new episode, and also a different dimension, of activity and presentation.

     For instance, we shall be ending the notion of having an elaborate brunch for the clients.   From this point on, we shall have a standard, but flexible, breakfast, based first on Mexican preferences, with significant Texian and American overtones.  
     There are seasonal things that we know our clients would like, but with which they might be unfamiliar.  One of our tasks is to reveal to the guests, especially first time visitors to the Mexican outback, the various flavours and  recipes, rustic and urbane,  eaten by the people of all social backgrounds, trades, professions, and  classes.
     There are Mexican classics that surprise and please the palates of both foreign and domestic guests.   We can present seven or eight such alternatives for supper, and perhaps an equal number of  alternatives for breakfast.

     We shall stabilise the morning coffee, juice, and  water service so as to begin at 06:00 hours.   We shall also serve breakfast, which will remain an included element in our service package, at 07:30 - 09:30.....and there will be a brief listing of recommendations for said breakfast.

        We shall also post a listing of the extra-charge supper selections which might be as light-fare as finger sandwiches with accompanied with nuts and cheese, a Mexican specialty such as the Tampiquena which is a medium large, prime steak complemented by one or two enchiladas, usually of cheese of two different types, a bit of guacamole, rice, and re-fried beans.   Other selections for supper might be a large tropical shrimp salad with citrus, avocado, mango, and other local or nearby fruit and productions folded into a leafy concoction.
     But, the guest will have a selection posted that will give an idea of what choices exist.   The same will be the nature of the cost and availability of beers, wines, and our limited mixed-drink menu and pricing.

      These things are being done now because of two main reason:

             (1)    Business has picked up during the past few months.   We can justify stabilising our offerings and investing in quality of ingredients and selection of produce, meat, fish, and poultry.

                  (2)      It appears that our old standard service, while good in its time, needs to adapt to what is now a more streamlined meal offering, i.e. a smaller breakfast and a bit more of a Mexican influence in said offerings.

     All OROGs and others who are searching information about the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre should review our website which can be accessed by clicking the picture on the upper right corner of this page.   We should be done with the updating of that page during this calendar day.

El Gringo Viejo