Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pertinent Reprint:

     The leftist cant about "Bush lied and people died" reflected the certain knowledge of the left that there are numerous people who are unwilling to invest the intellectual effort required when searching for the Truth.
     The Republicans, on the other hand, are afraid to speak the truth, because they are, in a sense, afraid of the truth.   Moderate and traditional Republicans just don't wish to offend anyone....get their hands dirty....have someone say that the Republicans are meanies.  Those Republicans do not care to learn and understand well that no matter what is done to demonstrate that the GOP people are nice people, the marxists will still "arrange the blame" and put it on the back of an elephant.
     The Sequester Escapade is a perfect example, although it was overplayed by half this last go-around.  The fact that it was overplayed at all is evidence that the marxists will strive to establish a convoluted scenario that will leave the impression among the dull of wit and those who chose to be uniformed, (aka: the Democrat base of voters) that the Republicans want mid-air collisions of airliners.
     "We really are sorry, folks, but the Republicans are trying to balance the budget on the back of Cub Scout Troop 53 from Mondale, Pennsyltuckey.   Because of the draconian cuts by the Republicans in investment by the Federal Government on behalf of the middle class , and although we recognise that Troop 53 worked all year to take this trip to Washington, D.C. there is just no way we could find the funds to keep the doors to the White House open to the general public for the traditional tour."
     Of course, Carney can also tell the Brown Shirts in the press room that the Republicans have done this in order to kowtow to the big corporations, and the choir of millionaires and billionaires who are insidiously checking all the sofas and Barcoloungers in the homes of middle class and working Americans....searching for that last penny of their loose change.
     It never ends.  Always assert, never deny.   That is why Eric Holder can whine and spit back, "Congressman, Just because I am a rotten, dirty, lying slug...a chronic, pathological liar fulfilling a marxist agenda, I really, really resent and reject your disgusting, racist suggestion that I am a rotten, dirty, lying slug, and a chronic pathological liar fulfilling a marxist agenda."

     We really needn't bother with (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Janet Neopolitan, Kathleen Sillibillius, or the rest of these people in the saloon scenes of the various movies with the word "Star" or "Galaxy" or "Jedi" in their titles....Eric Holder is more than enough.   But!  Who can possibly resist a woman who, during a telephone explanation to a reporter, says that she is the one in charge of the IRS division that deigns who receives and who is denied non-profit tax status. When asked what percentage of the applications were denied or delayed for extended periods (like two years) she allowed that it was this-or-that many.
      Then when asked if that was about one-fourth of the total, she declared that she just couldn't  tell that quick because, "I'm a lawyer, not a mathematician!"   It turned out, of course, that she is not much of a lawyer.   And her numerous lawyers accompanying her were not the sharpest group from Joe's Laundromat, Skating Rink, and Law School...or they are so well connected  that "what difference does it make?" comes into play as a defence.
      To be sure, the idea of taking the oath, and then, when called upon, making a statement which declares oneself totally innocent of any charge that could possibly be made, in and of itself constitutes testimony and requires the witness in almost all or in all proceedings to answer questions that support his/her assertion.   That individual, in reality, once asserting innocence cannot refuse to respond to interrogatories that request a demonstration of such innocence.   She was "following the guidance of her counsel"  and informed the questioning body that she was not going to submit to questioning, and that she would invoke her rights under the Vth Amendment that permit her to avoid answering questions that might tend to incriminate her.    ?????   I am innocent and I will prove it by not answering questions whose answers might tend to incriminate me.     ?????

     KING's X  mixed with the (Sir Edmund) Hillary legal position of, "Shut-up!  It doesn't matter.   Who are you to ask me anything????  If you ask me where I was....You'd better damn well know where you were at the same time, Buster! Don't you have any $^#^&& idea of exactly who I, and I mean I, am?!"

But illegal legal action against centre-right, dull, boring people is the hallmark of this administration.

(1)   Expropriation of assets in the form of corporate bonds and preferred stock in General Motors and Chrysler.

(2)    Expropriation and subsequent deactivation of various dealerships of above mentioned auto brands....the vast majority of whom where GOP oriented and employed over 100,000 skilled and semi-skilled blue-collar workers:

Attribution to The Daily Caller, 9 August 2012:

At the behest of Team Auto, GM and Chrysler closed more than 2,000 dealerships — leaving more than 100,000 dealer employees scrambling for new jobs, pensions and health care — within a time span of a few months. By contrast, Mitt Romney’s old private equity firm Bain Capital is taking heat from Obama supporters for laying off 750 workers at one Kansas City steel plant nearly eight years after it purchased the plant’s parent company.
An ad Mitt Romney’s campaign released last week highlights the impact of the closures on one dealership in Lyndhurst, Ohio. The owner, Al Zarzour, speaks of having to lay off “30-some” employees when his Chevrolet dealership was put on the GM closure list in 2009.
Obama supporters as well as Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, a Romney supporter, have criticized the ad, claiming that the dealer closings were necessary for the automakers’ viability and that virtually no dealership jobs would exist had the auto companies gone into a normal bankruptcy. But the acclaimed new book Bailout by Neil Barofsky, the former special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), shows that the first half of this critique is false and the second half is highly tenuous.
“Is Romney saying that in a ‘managed bankruptcy’ these dealerships wouldn’t have closed?” asks Rubin. Romney hasn’t responded yet, but Barofsky argues forcefully that the Obama administration pushed for many more closures than bankruptcy and restructuring experts deemed necessary.
In Bailout — other aspects of which have been praised by the liberal Huffington Post — Barofsky paints a far more devastating portrait of the Obama administration’s arbitrary dealer closures than does the Romney campaign, whose attacks on them have been relatively mild. Contrary to the administration’s claim that the dealer closings were entirely GM’s and Chrysler’s decisions, Barofsky writes that Obama’s “auto team had pressured the companies to close the dealerships” more rapidly and in greater numbers than the firms had wished.

Read more:

(3)    The military-styled assault by an IRS SWAT Team against the Gibson Guitar Company, ostensibly for violation of a law banning certain types of wood from endangered trees found in the Indian Sub-continent, has cost said company over 2,000,000 USD so far.   To this point, all the instruments, hard-drives, guitar-quality woods in stock, and other pertinences that were confiscated by heavily armed, combat-uniformed SWAT Team personnel has not been returned and no communication has been made to Gibson concerning the case or the return of company property.   It has been two years.    Possible charges?   Suspected of being a donor to Republican and Conservative organisations.
    During the original raid the personnel at the facility were ordered out of the building by bullhorn and were escorted by heavily armed, SWAT style personnel...with AR-16 (or similar) weaponry.

(4)     And on, and on, and on ad infinitum.


And the president's half-brother's, application for a non-profit status tax authorisation took a couple of months and was made retroactive for three years.   For a mosque.   In Kenya.   The President's half-brother is an imam, with 16 wives.

We are surrounded by the Brown Shirts who are operating under union rules, who are members of the same type of union thugs who wee-wee'd in the state capitol building during their "peaceful protests" that left 3,000,000 USD of damages to the building and grounds during the "peaceful protests".  Government employees who are impossible to dismiss.

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