Monday, 21 March 2016

Dolts and Dolts who vote for Dolts - A Ranking, un-named OROG Cries out against the ill-winds of the wilderness - El Gringo Viejo Tries to Respond


     Why can this fool not say what lies Ted has espoused?  He has to stop this insipid outright lying about Ted Cruz.  It is infuriating to say the least.  The only lies are Trump's.

      “Lying Ted”… give us a break.  We need facts if that is true.  Saying it doesn’t make it so.  And why, for the life of us, does Ted not address this?

       Is it simply possible that Trump is trying to draw Ted in and Ted is not having any of it?  It is something of a corner that Trump has put him in.  That being because there are so many Dolts who don’t know any better.  Many of us see through it, but not enough I fear.  Close but no cigar.

       We will more than likely be saddled with this pathetic blowhard for President.  Sad, sad, sad.


 Well stated:   The Lamentation of The Reasonable Man.   But, if You, my son, can keep your head when those about you are losing theirs.....a wise saying by a wise man from another, but pertinent, time......then we can move along to some form of victory  in this matter.

     The contorted, vicious-looking facial expressions that Trump makes while he is shrieking and growling, "Lying Ted!!!  Lying Ted!!!" look truly diabolical.  His is the speech and posture of all white-trash.  One can find it at labour-union rallies, at KKK Confabs, most Soros-funded women's, minorities, and permanently-offended groups such as Occupy Wall Street and other organisations of ACORN ancestry.     His posture and disposition to aggressive overstatement are signals that a somewhat deranged demagogue is at the lectern.

     As Trump stutters and stammers, almost always returning immediately to repeat repeatedly something that he has probably repeated seconds before, he seems to bask in the absurdity of Dolts roaring their approval for the most outlandish accusations, charges, and basal insults that are never really true.  We bring to mind Trump's decision to brand Dr. Ben Carson as a ''pathological".  Trump went about on that particular occasion to fold in the good probability that Dr. Carson also had something that might be like pedophelia since a lot of "those people" are pathological.
     Oddly, Dr. Carson who is necessarily lumped into the group known as "most intelligent" fell for the notion that Ted Cruz engineered  Carson's Iowa primary loss.   Trump trumpeted this erroneous message, asserting that Cruz lied!  Cruz lied!!!  Dr. Carson then decided, in apparent disregard for his own high-level intellectual ability, to endorse Trump as his choice for the Republican presidential nomination.   Strange.

      Trump has repeatedly stated that "Bush Lied!!! Bush Lied" about the WMD - Iraz issue.  A few short days ago, an Obsolete Media reporter called Trump out concerning the issue of "Bush's Lie" which time Trump did one of his famous Trumpisms and declared flatly that he had never said such a thing.  When shown a video of himself stating flatly that "Bush Lied"  and "Bush and Chaney Lied" he stuttered and stammered his way to the "hard break" by saying things that could only be interpreted by a Trump supporter.
     Trump has also said repeatedly that he opposed the invasion and take-out of Saddam Hussein's Iraq, "from the beginning".   Of course, this overlooks his numerous and frequent endorsements of the invasion at the beginning of the operation.   When called down concerning this contradiction, he juts his jaw out like the wooden Pinocchio that he is and quadruple-doubles down by insisting that videos proving his support for the Iraq  War were simply "lies". It speaks of insanity, profound hubris, and a sense of disconnect from the "little people" that proves solidly that the individual is certainly not qualified to lead a nation full of people for whom he has no respect at all.   In that sense he is the yin and (Sir Edmiund) Hillary in the yan.

     Finally to answer the reasonable lamentation by the OROG crying forth to whomsoever will listen out in the Wilderness,   my thinking is that Ted and Co. are trying to not touch the tar-baby.   A severe thrashing in to-morrow's primaries might help.   A failure to obtain a majority of delegate votes in the primary episode leading up to the Cleveland confab would be humiliating.  An announcement by Marco Rubio that he is leaving his delegates at liberty and recommends their alignment with Ted Cruz would have a tectonic impact, in my opinion. 

     It would save Ted and Co. from having to soil their hands by trying to logic with people stupid enough to fall for slogans like "Hope and Change" and "Make American Great Again".

El Gringo Viejo