Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cruz, Trump, Islamo-fascism, Barry the Magic Islamomarxist, the absence of thought being replaced by "feelings''


     We have been a bit under the weather, and therefore our regular diet of AirWick cocktails and NoDoze tablets, spiced with spoiled Tabasco Sauce has been avoided for a couple of weeks.   As we return to something remotely associated with normal, and with our vitriolmetre now entering the "Danger -Danger" zone, we feel better prepared to confront the WindMills.

      We have been, oddly, busy at our little life-project,  for the past few weeks.  Some rare thing, known as steady flow of clients and guests who actually pay for the honour of staying a mud-hut in the middle of Nowhere, Mexico.....has been occupying much of our time.   It has been a pleasant interlude, with people who are interesting, complex, appreciative, and just generally pleasant to have around.   But we move on to the matters at hand, while first reassuring the OROG community that there will be commentary about historical and cultural points in the coming days, pertaining to Mexico, Texas, and the United States.



     We simply stopped listening.  On overnight radio, on daytime talk, on any forum....we simply stopped listening.  "Thanks for calling in.  Tell us why you are supporting Donald."

     "Trump is the only one who always tells it like it is.   He says the things that I believe in.   All the other ones are part of the establishment conspiracy and they're trying to get to us and keep us down while they live it up in Washington.   They're all alike, and they don't have to live like we do....they don't pay taxes and they hang around with the millionaires and billionaires all the time.   Trump knows what it's like and he's got money so he doesn't have to take a bunch of back-door deals all the time like all the rest are doing all the time."

     "Well, Maggie, your points are well taken.   Can you tell me if there is any one point that really inspires your loyalty to Mr. Trump?"

     "Sure, he's gonna build a wall that makes everyone go back.  And then he's gonna make all the Muslims go away and stop having to give money to the Jews for building their wall and make the Chinese pay to sell their stuff and the Mexicans."

     "Maggie, can you tell me how building a wall is going to force Mexicans to go back to Mexico?"

      "That's the point.   You don't know how, but Mr. Trump does.  And he'll make the Mexican Government pay for building the wall.   Yessir, he knows how to deal with those people."

     "Maggie, it hurts me to have to tell you, but such talk is something one might find in an insane asylum.   Besides the hundreds of lawsuits from pseudo-environmentalist saboteurs and other obstacles there would be no way to complete the envisioned "fence" in twenty years, and absolutely no chance for any Mexican entity, public or private, to pay for said wall.   Also, are you aware that over one million Mexicans come into the United States every day and leave every day?  Are you aware that Canada and Mexico are commonly found in the top three trading partners of the United States?"

     "That's what I'm talking about.  Lying Ted! Lying Ted! All that talk is lies.   Mexico can't produce anything.  They have no industry.   Trump will make them pay.   Besides, Cruz was a Mexican before he became a Canadian.  And now he says he's a Texan.....Lyin' Ted!!!  Lyin' Ted!!!"

     "Well, okay Maggie.   We appreciate your call.  We're up on a hard break and need to move on.  Have a nice morning."

AND SO We have the ideal respondent.   Most Trumpsters attribute things unsaid or only inferred into their understanding of what Trump says and believes.   They, being generally imprecise thinkers and incapable of critical thought, impute what they think Trump is saying into a certain belief that Trump is thinking and agreeing with the person who is listening to the imprecise bilge.  It is the fulfillment of the ancient adage from the mid-way, "There's a sucker born every minute!!"

And there we have the Trump phenomena.  A show put on by white-trash for those who are slow of wit and who have no grasp of cultural matters, history, or reasonable strategy in terms of dealing with the impending disasters the secular humanist and progressive movement have given us.


      We are living in these moments the results of an immigration policy that was purposefully designed by various groups.....sometimes not even in concert one with the invade, saturate, degrade, and then collapse the culture and traditions of both eastern and western Europe.   From the mass of rotted cultures and societies, freed from religious and other moral constraints, an even worse evil will rise and impose its will upon a feckless, sniveling hordes of cowards and welfare dependent "brave new world citizens", who at least know how many metres there are in three metric months.  
     The "Euros", proud of the freedom from such restraints as false gods and religions, knowing well the guiding anthem of the New World Order, IMAGINE,  and the release from the chains of fairy tales, and virgin birth, and Santa Clauses at every corner will be short shrift for the Islamofascists and their beheading scourge they are planning even as I write.
     The reasonable people who have their metres and dole and three years paternity/maternity leave with "free" nanny, and labour unions for the unemployed will scoff when warned one last time before the scimitars fall.

     Ask not for whom the scimitar clangs, for it clangs for thee......



     Barry Soetoro, who has had many passports and identities during the last few years, has certainly had reason to be confused.   He is not very smart, but he has served as a wonderful petri-dish for Valerie Jarrett and the Bill Ayres - Annenberg Foundation crowd.   He was the Manchurian Candidate who did not need programming.  Somehow he could do the impossible and turn into a Pavlov's dog that could bark in Bolshevik...."From each according to his ability and to each according to his need...."  and then at the call of the mullah rush to grovel on the floor of the mosque to worship a god that had been ill defined from his original understanding.
     How can a true marxists worship any kind of god?   How can a person who believes in a supreme cosmic force of any kind believe in Bolshevik socialism which requires adherents to be atheists?    Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Barry....the chameleon.....voila!    Thank you Valerie for training this little puppet so well.



     We must stop "feeling" this way or that.   We, as a culture, as critical thinkers. must ask our fellows, friends, and families not to feel that such and such would be nice or kind or un-threatening.   We are watching Europe fundamentally change from a declined civilisation to a complete quagmire of social democratic drabness and nothingness.   It cannot and wills not to defend itself, but nay....further conduct the agents of its own demise....pointing to the heavens and declaring that it is somehow the European destiny to induct millions upon millions of slothful, dirty, sullen, murderous, almost sub-human parasites into their midst.   While there their dark hatred for anything non-Muslim will percolate, distill, and refine into the poisons and explosives that will blow the guts out of every 7 year old granddaughter, the brains from the head of every secretary and airliner pilot, and decapitate the boy on the soccer field....over and over and over again until there is nothing left.
     The Exchequer will be empty....the sewer plants will be bubbling stench.  A piece of celery will sell for billions of Euros....and the beheadings will be nearly outpaced by new forms of medical will be worth the price, but it will have been collapsed by the Muslim proclivity to have six children by four wives, while the Euros had none because it was inconvenient and abortions were free.....because the government paid for them.

The clanging of the scimitar can be heard more clearly now.

El Gringo Viejo