Friday, 12 February 2016

Well...I am gone. We have clients for the rest of the month and then some.

     We have written vitriolic, lambasting paragraph after paragraph.  We wrote about the Irene Garza case, now that the supposed, and very probable murderer of Irene Garza has finally, after 56 years, been charged by the Grand Jury and the extradition of said perpetrator of that murder has been requested by the President of the Republic of Texas from the authorities in Arizona.
       Then your ever-humble Gringo Viejo let go on the sorry condition of the the intellectual quality of the electorate.   The notion that that the government should be allowed to deign that from this group much should be taken and to that group much should be given.....even if the receiving group sheds that unjustifiably derived wealth on spirits, beer, lottery tickets, payments to "rides", and various forms of Cheetos.

     Finally we ditched it all and wrote only what you are seeing before you at this time. 

     It was decided to say "So long for a while"....we have various and many clients coming to the fabled Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, for medium to long stays.   Thanks be to the Mexican Army and the Naval Infantry for having been the major force for re-establishing certain order and law in our area during the past four years.   Thanks especially to the administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa....the previous Presidente.  He, and his subordinates, bit the bullet. They began and extended the taking back of their nation from the anarchical and degenerate influences that are represented by the drug trade.   We have had three years of peace thanks to the Mexican military....and three years of paucity of business activity thanks to the hideous American press, including FOX Mews, AP, and various of the ignorant know-it-alls.

     To-morrow, El Gringo Viejo leaves and seeks to prepare a comfortable landing for the first visitor/guests.     Then in early March we have other folks who will be staying even longer....and on their first visit to anywhere in Mexico.   Such visitors are to be given 100% and more.   These two seem to have sparked a re-birth of interest in bookings and other activity.

     Therefore, I shall return in time to accomplish my absentee vote in the Republican Primary here in Texas.   Never fear.

El Gringo Viejo