Sunday, 28 February 2016

And try this on for size, Biden


     "The history of nominations and confirmations of Supreme Court Justices in an election year does not bode well for the Democrats, since they are in a minority in the Senate. The most notable recent instance was the failure in 1968 to get a vote on Lyndon Johnson's nomination of Abe Fortas. Even though the Democrats also controlled both houses of Congress, they could not muster the votes in the Senate to stop the Republicans' filibuster of the nomination. And as related in this article, the last time a President was successful in having his nomination in an election year confirmed by a Senate controlled by the opposition party was in 1880."

     The above is extracted from a fairly short analysis of the true nature of Supreme Court Justice nomination approvals by the United States Senate.  It is an excellent, much-meat-on-the-bone examination of the issue that seems to concern Mr. Executive Order and other Legal Purists of the community organiser race.

     We urge that all Official Readers of the Old Gringo (OROGs) go to this link: Anglican Curmudgeon and scroll through the recent  postings. The first two are most important.  The second one will give the reader all the arms and ammunition necessary to intellectually destroy anyone of the Progressive Dolt Class-warfare Party in terms of this new Supreme Court Justice appointment issue.

      Read all that you want, especially now, because there is an excellent academically advanced analysis of present day education and cultural negative inertia (my term) in the first article.   In quick order the OROG will find an article styled "Antonin Scalia - RIP", or perhaps you can connect by clicking upon this link:

     Both Articles together might require two readings of 8 - 10 minutes total.  I frequently have to read these articles three times because I have more skull and less brain.   Happy Reading.

El Gringo Viejo