Sunday, 28 February 2016

A WORD of ADVICE to the OBSOLETE PRESS and MOST of the RIGHTWING PRESS PUNDITS: Don't Count Donald Barnum Trump's Suckers Before They Are Hatched


     Lamentably, much of the supposedly rightwing press establishment appears  to (and continues to) have thrown in with the nouveaux Republican Saviour, Donald Barnum Trump. The fact is that Texas has 155 delegates to send to the floor of the Republican National Convention.

      Cruz seems well-positioned to take a majority of the votes in the Republican Primary, which means that he would take 90% or more of that group of delegates into his column. Other wins and/or high finishes by Cruz and/or Rubio, all of which seem possible will augment the number that Donald Barnum does not receive.

       In the case of Ted Cruz, he quite possibly can surpass the totals for the rest of the active candidate group, combined, come the 1st of March. It should also serve to underscore the mis-reading of this race by the Obsolete Press and even the Rightwing Press that is the fawning and "Oh! Wow! - ing" over the endorsement of Trump by Christi. In case the above mentioned talking heads, pundits, analysts, and commentators do not remember, Christi dropped out of the Presidential Nomination Circus after spending a score-million dollars and finishing below even Kasich and Bush.

      Christi is not popular even in New Jersey and cannot, could not, and will not deliver New Jersey to the Republican column in November. Cruz has the backing of the President of the Republic of Texas, and the backing of the previous President of the Republic of Texas (recently vindicated in a recent overwhelming court finding of any wrongdoing against an abusive old, sow, drunk Travis County District Attorney's Office lackey - Perry had cut her out of a budget from the coffers of Texas due to a really, really ugly DWI escapade), and numerous other Conservative Republicans, including the Lieutenant-President of the Republic of Texas.

    Concerning the reaction of the Obsolete and other Press fountains? Not a mention. While anything is possible, my own best thinking is that Trump has lost a lot of glow, and was grasping at straws by "rolling out" Christi as some kind of "good-luck charm" against his ludicrous campaign. Christi is not an amulet or a magic charm by any stretch of even the most imaginative political strategist.   The dolts do not cheer quite as loudly, the message becomes more and more narcissistic and childish. Many are uncomfortable that, for some reason, an almost non-existent membership of the Ku Klux Klan white-trash has come forth to help and rally support for Donald Barnum to build The Wall and force Mexico to pay for it.
     (We insert parenthetically here that there are ways to "build a wall", and there is a way to involve Mexican officialdom to support and even assist in the establishment and maintenance of that "wall" in whatever form it might take.  The methods being proposed by Trump are summarily ridiculous, and would result in more damage than correction.   Deployments of personnel and walls of various types have served for naught during the past 10 or 12 years.  A larger and longer wall would only require wider patrolling in the Pacific  and the Gulf of Mexico by a minimum of 20 heavily armed, and offensive helicopter-gunship equipped Cutters.)

      In any regard, it is now a real possibility that a couple of very probable first-place finishes and two or three delegate-collecting second-place finishes by Ted Cruz will derail the New York Values Express quite effectively.



      It is certainly upon all of us who can think beyond self and plunder to consider the devastation a Clinton presidency would cause the American Union.   Such a self-inflicted wound by the electorate would possibly end the last remaining vestiges of republican democracy from this part of the North American Continent, and perhaps the world.
     The naming of one or two or even three national socialists or "progressives" to the Supreme Court of the United States would effectively finish any practice of English Common Law traditions or the notion that the American Constitution has any true modern relevance.

     Secular Humanism and "Economic Democracy",  once in place and funded by an increasingly bold and rapaciously discriminating Internal Revenue "Service" will make short work of any remaining grandeur that might be associated with the old, self-reliant citizenry.   Trump is part and parcel of this.   He is either a Trojan Horse in his own right, or he is a lackey chosen to oppose (Sir Edmund) Hillary so that he can be torn apart by the Obsolete Press and controlling forces that manage most of the common news and information, and who control most of the financial resources so coveted by the elites and progressives.   Once both Clinton and Trump are actually nominated, there will be an avalanche of stories both true and not-so-true that will destroy Donald Trump.   It might well be the last meaningful election for several generations.....we could well be in for an Argentine, or Venezuelan, or Mexico (1920 - 2000) run of one-party rule and/or incessant bouts of demagogic Peronism.

     The clouds darken and thicken.  Progressivism, Republican or Democrat, will quickly lead us to doom.   Pray for the liberation of the nation from the lesser instincts and the desires of many to obtain something for nothing.
We thank one and all for his/her attention.
El Gringo Viejo