Friday, 8 January 2016

Wandering Observations: We shall try to keep it brief.


      Things change.  We remember when Nelson Rockefeller lost all chance to become President when he divorced.   Such things were for Hollywood.  People wondered why Hollywood had 93% of all divorces in the United States (or so it seemed),  so be the case of Caliwierd.  
     Of course such was not the case.    Divorces were uncommon, but not unheard of .

   My paternal grandmother was divorced, around the age of 19, and went on a twenty year journey before re-marrying in 1910.  That was good, because she produced, along with her husband I understand, a baby who looked an awfully lot as did my grandfather.
    That baby became my father.  Would that I had had the chance to have known either of those grandparents.   They were the perfect marble-cake of eccentric and conformist, each in his/her own way.

     Now, however, perversion and ruthlessness are lauded and magnified, while adherence to a constrained life pattern is ridiculed.   The "Lion of the Senate", Edward Moore Kennedy, is an example of a whoring, woman-damaging, prepotent self- inflated bag of garbage who actually killed a woman and was applauded upon returning to the Senate floor.  A ready and quick scenarios could have been, could still be, constructed to prove that the incident involving Mary Jo Kopechne was a pre-meditated murder, but it would have been difficult to over come the noise of the applause on the Senate floor upon the return to duty after the stress that he suffered by killing Mary Jo Kopechne; whether by misdemeanor or by felony.   The fact is, he killed her.

     It seems from that from that time on, the downward helix of the turn of the contaminated screw has never ceased in its quest for the legitimization of degeneracy, criminality, non-judgementalism, and "tolerance".

     We shan't name a lot of names or draw a line of fine lines, but the issue of the Oregon "occupation" seems to be a classic case of wasting effort and posturing for naught.  It almost seems to be something constructed by the "gun control" advocates designed to provoke greater approval among the populace for the final confiscation of firearms so desired by the Nazi-cum- Bolshevik control nuts.

     The Bundy group, to me, seem to be white trash who like to swagger and  posture.  In keeping with the local-control mentality of any true Confederate, I see them coming out of Utah simply to gain face-time, and to posture and swagger like bullies.
     To me, they come over-armed, knowing full-well that the corrupt agency that is the United States central government could slaughter them all in 30 seconds with two quick passes of two Apache helicopters.   Their gun-toting is out of place and pointless.   They know, also, that the police agencies of the central government will re-write whatever negative scenario takes place, as they did at Mount Carmel, Ruby Ridge, and with Richard Jewell, and hundreds of other "peculiar" (Vince Foster comes to mind, as well) encounters.
     These "Bundy People"  insert themselves where they are neither wanted nor needed.   With the posturing and swaggering, and their insertion into an issue much better handled, perhaps lamentably, by attorneys;  attorneys  with experience in the issue and in the geographical area.

     We also find the central government's argument in this matter to be especially specious and founded, finally, upon one of the cornerstones of the "Progressive" movement, Theodore Roosevelt.   It was "Teddy" and his up-Hudson River elites who vigourously asserted the notion of Central Government Supremecy in all matters.  The idea of protecting Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and the Fatherland from the commoners made since to him and to all the supercontrol freaks who would come to compose the American central government.
     During a later time, these same types would be slitting the throats of breeding Holstein heifers and their Holstein mothers in the streets of Ameria's farmland during the Depression.   Why?   Because they were producing too much milk and the price had to be driven up.  This famous madness was done by Eleanor Roosevelt and one of her "little boys", Harold Ickes, Sr., father of the drip who served as lap-dog to (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew names Harold Ickes, Jr.   Harold Ickes, Sr.  was famous for having been really, really impressed with the superiority of the Soviet Union's collectivization of farms and farmland during the early part of Stalin's reign. 
     In keeping with all national socialists at the time, it mattered little that there  really were hungry people in the hinterland and the cities of the Continent.  It also helped keep the gutters coloured funny for a good while during the earliest part of the Great Depression.

      The duplicitous nature of the courts and the central government "authorities" in western Oregon can be readily retrieved in various places on the internet.   As one searches, however, take care not to fall into the abyss of the white-trash / racist / unthinking bullies who like to swagger and posture.  Their sites are laden with half-truths and outright falsehood, normally.  The idea of calling people who have been released from prison, having been imprisoned on flimsy charges to begin with, and then made to return to serve more time on the same exact charges reeks of tin-pot dictator arbitrary capriciousness.  
       Not long ago a body of "Border Protectors" came down to the Lower Rio Grande Valley and "deployed" on the Rio Grande.  There were about 40 of them in the original detachment.  They had contact at various times with Border Patrolmen, and on occasion  there were  "confrontations" twixt the Border Patrol Agents and the "Border Protectors".
      One of the "protectors" acted a little strange, and the Border Patrolman called in the name of the individual.  When all was said and done, four of them were taken in on outstanding warrants, as well as "felon in possession of a firearm".  Their crimes related to violence and to methamphetamine production and other things, including sexual abuse of pre-adolescent girls and other females under the age of 15.    Some weeks later, two more of the "protectors" where arrested and transported for having given incorrect names to the officers;  they too were ex-convicts, still on parole, with wants and warrants.

     We are hopeful that with some kind of new administration that the Bureau of Land Management, the various public/private ''nature conservancy'' entities, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the entire National Park system can be centrifuged of all sickness and arrogance, abolished where need be, and  reformed where must be.

     We await that moment when (Sir Edmund) Hillary will receive at least the treatment Charles Colson received when the FBI found that Charles Colson had one (1)  FBI personal raw data file in his desk, still sealed and unopened.  He went to prison for three years.   Or, mayhaps, that which befell Gen. Petraeus, for having one unauthorized file in his private possession, a having discussed that file with his "biographer" mistress.

     Stories are spilling out like bubbling broth from the caldron, and the fire is spitting and hissing with whispers about how the FBI will have a barracks uprising if Loretta Lynch does not move on (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew.  While it might be (please forgive) a pleasant sight to see Her Highness sitting in the stocks, bedecked in orange, it is very, very improbable that such will ever happen.   In all probability Huma is calling people everywhere around Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas to remind them that she has their files and that her "friends" know where their grandchildren and daughters of potential witnesses play and hang out.

     In other words, let us not hold our breath.

El Gringo Viejo