Friday, 8 January 2016

Does Michelle Obama Represent only the Black Community?

A Black Man repeats the words spoken by Booker Tecumseh Washington that El Gringo Viejo has had posted on his sidebar for the last five years.    The words were true then, they are true now. They will serve to haunt the verminous demagogues who for the past many generations have entrapped and enslaved the Black Race into the worst kind of willing bondage.

The notion that a permanent voting bloc can be purchased by arrogant politicians, with other peoples' money, so as to enslave that voting bloc to grovelling for subsistence should be revolting to all who witness it.  The practice should be punishable, but we call it politics and look the other way.   We smiled when the census showed that the Negro illegitimacy rate was 7% back in 1950 and the Caucasian illegitimacy rate was 5%.

Now, after all the sex education, Planned Parenthood "counselling", regendering, non-judgementalism,  diversity training, tolerance indoctrination, affirmative action, false hero worshipping, and pure material impulse, public assistance, and Head Start, we have millions of people who cannot "make it".   But we have the proof that folks "made it" even back in the late 1800s strictly by the content of their character.   The greatest Beacon of that massive force of a single personality was one Dr. Booker Tecumseh Washington.

We would do well to study carefully the words of this man, and then judge carefully the words and associates of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (we eschew the titles Reverend or Pastor), and even Martin Luther King, Jr. who never had the character of his father, the Rev. Martin, Sr.

We have built so many Golden Calves that are actually made of pot metal, and disregarded other men and women who actually conquered against much worse barriers, who have silver brains and golden hearts and platinum souls.   The pain of knowing that the cradle to grave welfare system is cranking out so many babies who have no souls, no guidance, not the least iota of a catechism of any positive kind literally causes me anguish.
     It is necessary to wean everyone from public assistance or we who produce or who have produced will all soon be led to the guillotine that has been placed by the burning bakery.   I had to shake my head in disbelief when it was read that certain large sections of Chicago have a higher homicide rate than even Honduras and Venezuela.
     And we are led by a "community organiser"  whose job it was to put people into the trough pens, with no fathers....or even grandfathers....or uncles, who then lectures us about the need for gun safety and climate change while sleeping children have their brains and guts blown out as teenagers blast away with uncaring aim with Glocks and AK47s.    And he lectures us for the mess he and his ilk created.   Neat.....

El Gringo Viejo