Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Senate "Jihad Caucus" to bring 65,000 Syrian refugees to US


Please notice the graph when it shows which States of the American Union
 are being inundated with these people who will never assimilate.

     What has occurred in every other nation where the Moslems have settled will with all certainty occur here.

     As in the case of Fort Hood, the Washington sniper, the Twin Towers, the San Bernadino incident, the Navy Recruiting Station assault, and scores of other insults and assaults already committed, it will certainly occur here, daily, weekly, monthly, until our soil is the colour of the blood of innocents.  It is the curse of Herod.

     The Republic will become a blood-bath, not by a majority of the Moslems, but by the people who keep them enslaved and living in the same terror that is found in the "Palestinian" sector.  Even the Arabs do not want these "refugees".  Jordan has taken as many as possible.

 The jihadists live to kill.  Lacking Jews and Christians, agnostics or atheists, or Hindus and Buddhists, homosexuals or libertines,   they will seek out other denominations of Islamic people and kill them by the scores and hundreds in wedding receptions, funeral processions, in markets, and wherever else they can bring bloodshed and misery.

It is a madness to bring them here.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.