Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Professor of Constitutional Law? PUH - LEEEZE Spare me....!


Barrack Hussein Obama reminded  one and all that he had been a professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard.

     He was not a professor.

     He was an adjunct lecturer.

    He was given various positions at Harvard for only one reason.  It is not politically correct to point that fact out.   It was part of the "White Man's Burden" that effete leftist institutions established for the downtrodden people of colour, so that the effete leftists could feel good about themselves at their cocktail parties.

   He was given a classroom assignment so as to justify the scholarship and stipends awarded to "foreign students".

      He would be something akin to a substitute teacher or a supervising "labbie" in a collegiate chemistry or biology class.

     He has almost no-one who can remember him in any detail.

     He was made editor of the Harvard Law Review.  Nothing noteworthy was written, nor apparently read by him.

     He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review when events occurred that resulted in three different men filing complaints of "inappropriate advances" against the editor of the Harvard Law Review.   Settlements were arrived at, in financial terms, due to those complaints.

      He and his posse have steadfastly refused to release any transcripts or writings during the period that would testify to his scholarship, talent, or accomplishments.

        He says that he wrote a book called "Dreams from My Father", actually written by William Ayres, noted communist and radical, implicated in extremist activity up to and including bombing public buildings and murder.  The book was not about dreams as much as it was about race, concocted relationships, and general complaints about how life is not fair for  "people like him".

     Almost no one can recall him.   There is no clamour among his buds or mates to declare that they were thick with him during the good old days at University.    He was a drone chosen by the progressive control group to literally be turned into a teleprompter reader for the marxist movement in America.   They took advantage of the opportunity to run him for President when Hillary became the obviously weak, under-qualified prima donna.
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary's presumption of right of succession proved to be a fatal flaw in her overall battle plan, and she was destroyed by an even more inferior candidate, one completely under the control of Valerie Jarrett,  the control agent for the Annenberg Foundation and a large gaggle of marxist organizations.

     And now, after a horribly failed Presidency....predictably disastrous for by the measure of any straight thinking person it is time to deign and wave scepters, to accuse and mock, to strut around like some Caligula celebrating staged battles in which his armies would always win.   The "Constitutional Lawyer" is either deluded or wobbling in terms of overall sanity if he thinks that he can construct an Executive Order that would in any wise be valid.  All these things, obviously, must be settled in Congress....and perhaps even through an Amendment negating the validity of the Second Amendment.  
     We point out, for instance, that not even a pompous Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have deigned the end of Prohibition.  Why?   Because Prohibition was authorised by the iron-clad strength of an Amendment to the Constitution.   The only way to undo that Amendment was to go to the troubling processes to pass another Amendment to nullify the previous one.

Bring on the conference or convention of the Fifth Amendment, at this point.  It is the only hope I can see to restore the Union and protect from the utopian, progressive, elitist socialists.

El Gringo Viejo