Saturday, 5 September 2015

(Sir Edmund) Hillary Clinton Apologizes During NBC Interview - a heartfelt message from Comrade Corkscrew

    I am really, really, really sorry you stupid little people are confused by all of this silly server stuff.   But when someone such as myself....such as I....who is very important, is very, very busy with important business, it is difficult to handle all the little things that are done by the little people, whose job it is to keep me afloat.   You see, I am what is known as an "important person".   It is not reasonable to expect that I should have to abide by every little rule or regulation thingy that the little people have to deal with.
   And remember, Andrea, we have the pictures from that sorority party you put together back in 1932....the one with the skinny dipping and illegal alcohol provided by Mr. Kennedy.   Just so you know....that we know.....