Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hillary Speaks to "Women's Issues"


       Marxists and totalitarians thrive in the sludge of identity politics.

   "Follow me and we shall rid ourselves of the Jews and purify the Arian race!!"

     "And now it's time for the Negro weather and traffick report."

     "We shall not stand for the neglect of the Pangladeshian community having no say in the nature of the diet of the Free School Lunch Programme!   Racism cannot be tolerated in any disguise!!  Freedom Now, or Else!!!!

     "Until the Confederate statues and flags are burned and/or removed from public view, there can be no peace, no progress, no justice, and no ephimetistal groalb."


     Now comes Hillary Rodham Clinton who has never met a focus group phrase spun by someone of the "gimme-gimme, I wanna" class that she did not like.  Each time some miserable blob says, "I don't see why they give everything to the rich people when all I want is just a place to live and a little food for my kids.  It's just not fair."  all the Hillary-types leap for joy.
     Socialism abounds when there are enough people still voting  to authorise looting the bakeries.   When they begin burning the bakeries down, or when the pretense of voting becomes un-necessary, then the Brown Shirts can be used to forward the formation of a domesticated class of mindless proles.

     To a true conservative, women's issues are men's issues.  Negro issues are the same as Caucasian, Indian, and Oriental issues within the boundaries of the pertinent political subdivision.  It is something called common law, which is abhorred and despised by the "progressives" and other totalitarians.

     Thence, it is required, at the point of a assault rifle,  to send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba in spite of the fact that his mother died in the attempt to deliver him to dry American land.   But it is insensitive to question the wisdom of allowing  several hundred thousand women with their minor children to flood into the country and immediately become wards of the state.   It is somehow "racist" to question the practice of allowing entrance to the hordes of  arrogant, America-hating, presumptuous illegal aliens.   It is racist although it is known they provide cover for all nature of juvenile, but veteran, murderous gang members such as the Mara Salvatrucha (MS - 13) and similar.
     It is called "racist" to question why these eating and birthing and AFDC machines are allowed preference to enter the United States when other foreigners have jumped through many, many costly in time and money hoops to obtain tourist visas,  study visas, business visas, and resident alien visas.   Those who are disregarded and disrespected are the people who have stood in line, paid minor fortunes that were not derived from illicitude  of any kind and who in their broad majority are positive presences in the Republic of Texas, certainly, and elsewhere in the United States.
     Strange to note, aliens who came into the country legally back in the pre-Great Society period, were required to swear that they would not becomes "wards of the state" or encumber the systems of public assistance.   The legal entrant back then had to have a sponsor who would guarantee compliance with such agreements.
      Now, the Roman Catholic Church in the Brownsville Diocese, for instance, with its massive cadre of liberation theology drones stand at the ready to enroll every alien, legal and illegal, into the massive public assistance programmes.   Those programmes, of course, were originally intended to do exactly what they are doing now, and that is to establish a dependent class in America that would eventually destroy the Republic.


We are putting this image up for view so
that all will know that to-morrow early
The Boss and I shall be heading to the
Austin, Texas area to see what the  stork
is bringing our daughter-in-law and son
probably early Tuesday morning. 

     (Sir Edmund) Hillary speaks to "women's issues", does she mean those issues concerning the brutalising of women by her husband?   Would she protect him, at the expense of certain hapless or un-lucky girls and women, just so she could park her....uh....pant suit collection in some public mansion?
     Perhaps she always intended to  use that mansion and closet space to prepare her banal, vapid, and hackneyed sloganeering for that glorious moment when the Empire of 1,000 Years with no Jews or men or judgementalists would be around to spoil the perfection of a (Sir Edmund) Hillary Utopia.

   Let us refresh those eager young women cheering for Hillary with these little reminders of a not too distant past:

     (1)    The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms people within the Department of Justice were assigned to bring the Head of John the Baptist so to speak to Hillary, early during her occupation of the White House.  In 1993, in an action that included several score ATF agents, all heavily armed with automatic weaponry attacked a compound near Waco, Texas at a place known as Mount Carmel.  The compound had some 90 children, 45 women, and about 40 men gathered as a neo-protestant, monastic group of some sort, known as the "Branch Davidians" .   They were under the leadership of a very peculiar egomaniac preacher named Vernon Howell, or as he preferred "David Koresh".
     It was known by the ATF (and yes we know that it is ATF andE now, but it was not back then) that Koresh and the people at the compound had all kinds of automatic weapons and vast stores of ammunition.   Janet Reno, easily the stupidest and most tightly controlled of all Attorneys General in the United States government's history, and Hillary Rodham Clinton designed and executed the raid on the Mount Carmel compound.   When it was all over, Billy Jeff Clinton went out of his way to blame Miss Reno for the disaster.   He said, of course, that he had no knowledge of the planning or execution of the attack.
   The facts were, however, that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Janet Reno thought it up, planned it, and dreamed of having lots of video-tape of orange-suited radical Christians being led off to trial, prison, torture, or Michael Jackson road-shows as a form of torture.
     The deal was, find the automatic weapons and ammunition and arrest the prevaricatours, take their children away, and begin the systematic disarming of the American Republic's civilian population.  The ATF's first raid was a disaster.  Four agents were killed and as many as nine Davidians.
    The report of the raid by the ATF was a lie from beginning to end.  They shot first, they had no plan to peacefully engage, they refused an opportunity to have David Koresh arrested by civilian authority in McClennan County for any reasonable local charge or investigation.  The ATF's own spy who had been living in the compound was told by Koresh to leave for his own good, as a friend, because Koresh new that an armed assault was possible in hours or days.  That spy told his superiors in the ATF that Koresh and his people probably did not have automatic weapons, and probably only had the kind of and quantity of firearms found in a vast majority of Texans' homes.
    That notwithstanding,  the ATF was replaced by the FBI, and then finally by a combination of force including the FBI and the United States Army, under the command of the Hero of the Battle of Mount Carmel, Gen. Wesley Clark, Commander, Fort Hood, Texas.
   Clark provided armed Cobra helicopters and flammable and inflammable gas-injector, OD military tanks to be used in the penetration and then total destruction of the Davidian Compound's structures.   It was a rare, and very illegal, application of military force involving a civilian police issue under the rule and Law of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, that precluded the American military being inserted into a civilian criminal legal process.

    There were many-score men, women, and children killed by the setting afire of the Mount Carmel Compound.   The numbers range from 55 to 78.   Children from babes in arms to 12 years numbered about 28 or perhaps as many as 42  or so.....there is no way to determine precisely.   Some bodies were immolated totally in the fire set by the attacking force.   When all was said and done, there were no automatic or automatic-zed weapons found.   And it turned out to be true, that the compound at Mount Carmel did not even have the number per adult of firearms that one would expect to find in the average Texas home.

     It was all planned by Reno and Hillary as a gift to Hillary to achieve her long-standing desire to disarm civilian America. "If they need armed assistance, they should call the police".

     (2)  This does not even begin to scratch the surface of the women with whom Billy Jeff conducted sexual affairs, sometimes resulting in serious physical injury to the females.    Some Miss America type who is still in hiding in Canada, an English Lord's granddaughter beaten while trying to resist a sexual aggression by he who would be President 16 years later, and as many as a score more women who were frightened into silence by Hillary Rodham Clinton's "Bimbo Eruption" task-force, or violence-in-fact.
     Hillary was well aware of almost all the female "friends" Billy Jeff had either had relations with or who had been treated to scary and violent encounters with Billy Jeff.   Very few had the nerve to speak out, among them  Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers,  and Juanita Brodecky stand out.   There were many more.
      Women's issues are important to Hillary so long as they don't get in the way of letting her hang her pants-suits in the closets of Air Force 1.

     And, in truth, "women's issues" are of no importance to Hillary whatsoever.   She knows that even the term "women's issues" is a demagogic falsity.  What has she ever done in terms of anything that has to do with the euphemistic notion of "women's issues" or "women's rights"?   Beyond nothing, she has presided over departments at the White House and in the State Department in which salaries and wages of women went down when compared to men's salaries, somewhat sharply, during the times of Hillary's command of said offices.
      And she has repeatedly aided and abetted in covering up assaults of women by her erstwhile hubbie.    We use the word 'erstwhile' because the relationship between the two...Hillary and long dead in terms of husband and wife, save perhaps for their being mutually stripped of their law license.  Each serves the good of the other in terms of the ability of each to shake down foreign governments and business houses, foreign and domestic, for money to fund ''Clinton Initiative" projects.
     The "Clinton Initiative", of course, is finding ways to guarantee that Hillary can hang her pants suits in the closets of Air Force One, and that Billy Jeff can fly around with bimbos to exotic hideaways with noteworthy degenerates.

Ya gotta luv it!
El Gringo Viejo