Monday, 24 August 2015

Weather defeats Climate, Climate defeats Anchor Babies, and Anchor Babies defeat Only Black Lives Matter.



   We were entertained with the lamentations of some of the Obsolete Media that the current cataclysmic hurricane that was going to destroy the Caribbean Cultural Catchment Area fizzled and made the Climate Change - Global Warming - Global Cooling crowds begin to turn on one another.   We are presented with a picture of the hand and torch of Miss Liberty sticking up out of the Hudson while people are ice-skating around the torch in August.

    In any regard, we are now ending the month of August with no comment-worthy weather disasters.....again.  The biggest environmental ("ecological" for the stupid and Ivy League elite) disasters were brought to us by the central government of the United States of America.   Some river in the middle of nowhere Colorado was inundated with heavy metal sludge, brought to America by the EPA....the guardian of American healthy-alternative-bilge  think.    The other great success was the Department of the Interior spending millions of manhours lecturing the staff about how to accommodate the necessities of a buffalo who is  grieving because the he missed a re-run of the Kardashians.    This is almost not a joke.
     Firemen are burned and killed fighting fires that were accommodated by the  policy to allow bramble and scrub to dominate forest zones.   Imagine the snippiest jerk of a Barney Fife with an Official Smokey Bear Hat and dressed in an Official National Park Ranger Uniform declaring to a crowd of 3rd graders that ".....we do not kill some plants and trees to save others...."
       And that is the source of the two great "ecological" (the study of ecoes?) disasters were brought to us by Father Obamaham and all the Father Obamahams before him.  Central Government demagoguery....y punto!


     Now comes the Heroic King Donald I.  He advises the unwashed that he will strive to send 11,000,000 people back to Mexico, no matter from whence they came, and to "build a fence" with money from the Mexican Government and then to stand up to foreign businesses and governments and tell them that Crazy Uncle Donald is going to establish tariffs on imports to the United States.  Got it?  Problems solved.  And while we are at it, we are going to take the oil fields in Iraq.....
      And the Perotdolts cheer.....although nothing that has been said that makes any sense.  There is no clarity of approach.   The penumbric areas where the Tea Party, the Conservatives, and the "Reasonable Republicans"  (aka - RINOs),  have some or any concurrence with the undefinable positions of King Donald I seem to shimmer in the heat waves of the Mojave Desert.
         "He hates the same people I hate!!!"  seems to be the cry of the people outside the walls of the castle.   They shake their scythes and pitchforks and torches and surge forward as the doors of the castle fall to their insistence.   Robespierre and Voltaire and dancing with joy and wheeling out the guillotines.

     Why don't the Republicans just go ahead and join up with the 7th Regiment and ride out in front of the largest assembly of the finest light cavalry ever composed upon North American Continent....and just get it over with.   Romney managed to lose the last election by not blustering and being aggressive.   Perhaps we can lose this one by nominating nothing but bluster and faux aggressiveness.   Yes, we are talking about The Little Big Horn.

     One supports the candidacy of Donald Trump at his / her own jeopardy.   If Trump were to  win, we would have four years more of Obama-style high-handedness, big government intervention and manipulation, and "Grand Openning" hype about this or that new initiative to conquer Bad Things.   "I'm in favour of a flat tax as long as it's progressive on the upper-income group."  

     Beyond being ridiculous and contradictive and counter-productive, such bilge is fundamental, Big Government, punish-those-who-"have more", socialist bilge. and it is Trump's position.    It is like O'Reilly being in favour of an obscene profits tax against the big oil companies, which is...whether anyone likes that fact or not.....always counterproductive and the purist form of National Socialism.   Welcome to Trumpland.

More later,
El Gringo Viejo