Wednesday, 26 August 2015

We are not alone.


    Take faith.  We are not alone.  Let us gird our loins and strike forth and continue the good fight.   Below please consider another voice in the wilderness.  This is a friend of our spies in Extreme Central Texas.   You all will notice that our cobweb is becoming increasingly, and pleasantly, congested.  We can also notice that the message is pleasantly brief, offers a slightly different angle that complements our understanding and reassures our assumption that our path is the correct and virtuous one.   It is a part of a running conversation about the lunacy known as The Waltz of Obama and the Persians.  To wit:

Ron, Bruce and all,

I couldn’t disagree more. That puts me (and many others) at odds with these experts, but surely this letter was solicited by the administration from friendly academia. Like climate change, both sides have no difficulty lining up ‘expert’ endorsements.

More to the point, this matter has little to do with scientific expertise - it resolves down to common sense. We give away economic pressure, our only means of influencing Iran’s behavior - once that’s gone, it matters not at all what we find, or suspect, about their progress toward in-place nuclear weaponry, because there’s nothing we can do about it. Iran has made it completely clear that they could care less about world opinion. The ‘snapback’ assertions are obviously nonsense - there is no way on earth we can unbaked this cake. Chances that Iran will give back $150B, that they and other nations will courteously cancel multi-billion business deals?

This is roughly like un-handcuffing the mugger in the back alley and then telling him ‘don’t pick up that gun! You promised! I’m watching you!’ 

The very sad news is that we’re already way down the track in giving up our leverage, thanks to the administration premature - and surely intentional - release of the ‘framework’ to the UN. The P5+1 is effectively unraveled. There is no way that should have happened without approval of our US government (not just Obama). That’s a weak argument for going ahead - too late, damage is already done - but no reason in my view not to throw good money after bad and to legitimize Iran’s path.

Final point - if you read Feinstein and others supporting statements, they are loaded with caveats like ‘if this deal does what President Obama and Secretary Kerry say…’  - lots of cya here.

Best regards,

     Jack Devine is a freelance opinion writer who blogs and is published in local and regional outlets in places removed from the Republic of Texas.  In this case, the coverage is in the Southeastern part of the United States.