Thursday, 27 August 2015

So You all Will Know El Gringo Viejo when he was El Gringo Nuevo

     So that all will know.....this is El Gringo Viejo when he was still "nuevo".  He is the squirt at the far left on the first row (all boys kneeling).  I cannot remember my middle name, but I can name every person in the picture, including the dumbo teacher, Mr. Eugene Tuthill who was a zero during the best of times.
   We were pretty much self and parent, and in my case, by eldest brother educated.   And, yes, Virginia, the girls all wore dresses or blouse & skirt "go-together" outfits.....and they looked, how should one say......?   Oh, yes....HUMAN!!!

     This picture was taken on the south side of the north-most wing of David Crockett that time the northernmost primary in McAllen.   Four of these squirts had farm background.   The rest were all children of professionals or business people.   This class scored 11.4 grade level on whatever aptitude test was given at that time at the end of primary.  This was a tie for the Republic of Texas for public schools....with three other schools.  All four of those schools exceed all private and religious schools at that time.  (Good gossip because my Godmother was president of the school board)
     The boy to El Gringo Viejo's left...the viewer's right...was my number two bud throughout school years in McAllen....probably El Zorro's number three or four....we were pretty tight.   This is the Thomas Dale Traylor who died during by-pass surgery recently.

More about all of this later.
El Gringo Viejo