Thursday, 23 July 2015

WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? One murder every twelve days?


     During the past few days we have heard and seen repeated references to the  absolutely horrid fact that illegal aliens murder (or kill by some form of homicide) more than one person every twelve days.   This is said with a tone of incredulity, as if such a massive number could not be tabulated on the best of the Ming Dynasty's largest abacuses.

     Folks, fellow OROGs, please allow us to catch our breath.  It is some thing akin to the notion that Black Lives Matter and Hands Up! Don't Shoot!   The battle cry of the socially psychotic, demanding safety from the police, as if they are the only ones offended by this or that police action is, of course, ludicrous to the extreme.  Black taxi owners/drivers do not pick up young black males after dark in almost any large city in the United States....because they know that there is almost a certainty that, at a minimum they are going to be strong-armed and at a maximum, murdered for 36.12 USD.   Over 93 per cent of black African ancestried people who are killed by act of felony manslaughter to capital murder are killed by other black African ancrestried people.  Period.

     We come down to the illegal aliens who are criminally involved, usually with repetitive arrests and convictions in the United States.   It is, ethnologically a bit of a problem, because the Latin cohort can and does range from totally Caucasian all the way to totally Indian or totally black African, and every known gradient in between.   But what is known is that the enlightened "Hispanic" criminal is pretty much non-discriminant in his/her targetting for Death.   Whoever is behind the cash-register at the local convenience store, will do.   Whoever is stupid enough to enter an intersection on a green light, will be rammed by an illegal alien from Mexico....or increasingly from Central America....who is totally blotto, via drugs, alcohol, or both.
     Almost always, the blotto driver will still try to run away from his/her handiwork, no matter how many people he/she has killed or seriously injured because in keeping with inferior personalities....number one always comes first.
     The above is in very, very stark contrast with the citizen Latin cohort in Texas, a group that has almost identical criminal statistics as the general population of Texas.    Also, the legal alien, with documents in order, is typically uncommentworthy in terms of compliance with legal and social norms.   THE PROBLEM IS THE REPETITIVE ILLEGAL ENTRANT WITH FELONY AND SEVERE MISDEMEANOURS ON HIS/HER RECORD, AND WITH REPETITIVE DEPORTATIONS.

     The Obama administration, from the beginning,  has been purposefully deceptive, and has been purposefully trying to fill the ranks of the "immigrants" with the unqualified, with the anchorbabymothers, and the criminal.   It is a plan the ACORN nuts and the Alinsky Community Organizer Hate America First crowd has always had.  It is designed to fill the United States with sub-humans like the Mara Salvatrucha and similar and people who, unlike true immigrants, have no intention of becoming productive and self-supporting Texians or Americans.   The people of preference of the Obama Administration, very predictably, have been the parasites and the criminal.

     NOW to the news the OROG already knew or suspected.    During the Obama Administration, there have been about 50 Mexicans killed in Mexico by Americans.   Almost all have been incidents involving transactions of illegal drugs, including meth, various opiates, and cannabis.
        During the Days of Fundamental Transformation, Hope and Change, etc. and in Texas alone, there has been not one every 12 days....from whence that figure was drawn we have no idea.   No, it is not one every 12 days....the figure is 1.2 every day, in Texas alone.  Felony manslaughter, murder, and capital murder.   By illegal aliens.  Almost all felonious repeaters.   Usually the victims are other Latins....citizens, legal aliens, and illegal aliens.  Frequently they are innocents although a large minority are caught up in the human trafficking, drugs, and criminal enterprise industry.   Over 3,000 in a little less than seven years.   Quite a record.  Actuarily stunning.

Case closed.  Checkmate.
El Gringo Viejo