Thursday, 23 July 2015

Girl Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America, Planned Parenthood, and (Sir Edmund) Hillary


     The "progressive movement" steadily inserts itself into the institutions that once formed the foundation blocks of the American scene and culture.   So, in the decade before the present....and during the decade following this point, we shall see the "progressive movement" use the Girl Scouts of America as a force to assure acceptance of the transgendered (14,000 people at most), and the "bi-sexual", lesbian, and male homosexuals (perhaps 1.5% of the population at most) and as a privileged class under the law.
     As proof, it is already certain that the Supreme Court can find in the Constitution of the United States of America an entry made by the writers that  homosexuals had the right to be married by legal and/or ecclesiastical authority.   They have been found to have the dual and inverted right to, on the one hand demand that a ''wedding cake" be made for a homosexual wedding, and then on the other hand to be able to deny service to heterosexuals who would like a good or service provided by a homosexual-owned business.
     So that we be aware, a couple with a pastry shoppe in the northwest somewhere has been fined 135,000 USD for refusing on religious grounds to provide a wedding cake for a homosexual couple's wedding reception.  If it were just a pool party without Sacramental ceremony or implications, they said they would be glad to make the cake, but not for a matter they considered to be Sacramental.   We are officially well into the Orwellian madness of 1984.

     The Girl Scouts of America has been "progressive-ised" to the extent that the young ladies who are members will be increasingly exposed to issues of tolerance for people who will be held up as victims, morally superior, suffering quietly the indignities that "mean people" throw their way.  These people, of course, are the "transgendered", and the general homosexual population.   Remember that when the gaggle of cute, uniformed girls comes to the door with their order forms for the increasingly poor quality Girl Scout Cookies.
       The girls are already being given lessons about life that all but ridicule the traditional and laud the people who can "grow" in their level of acceptance of people with "other styles of life".   We would urge everyone to please do some research about the Girl Scouts of America and its not-so-newfound connection with LGBT and international socialist objectives and issues.

       The same dismantling of the Boy Scouts of America is taking place, with the same objectives and intents.   For some reason the fixation with joining practicing lesbian and homosexual into the presence of children and adolescents is elevated to an overriding, zombie-like quest.   Is it opportunity for recruitment, perchance?
     And, along with the offensive to create sexual confusion comes the lectures about global warming, cooling, climate change, nuclear winter and the guilt held by the United States of America for having only six per cent of the Earth's population while using 50% of the resources, while children are starving in Darfur.   Remember to accuse your parents for having contaminated the planet, and to separate the garbage before they carry it out....I'm busy texting.    Etc., etc., etc.


     Then there was one of those magical moments when I was trancing during a Zen exercise and suddenly I was in a planning room of (Sir Edmund) Hillary's presidential campaign.   There were several people there I could recognize, Eleanor Smeel and Eleanor Roosevelt were there, along with Margie Sanger....sitting very close to Frida was misty with marijuana smoke, and there were about 200 younger women dressed in Revolucionario Chic....talking among themselves and slightly listening to the impassioned harangues of an elderly Angela Davis trying to shout over a vapid slug named Flukie who is stridently demanding her free birth control pills, still.
     A small gaggle of Che'-shirted girls with buttons carrying the Hillary trademark emblem were talking....simultaneously, of course, "Yes, I'm talking about Huma.   She came out this morning and told us that Frumpy will not allow any of us under the age of 25 to talk to anyone from the press, even cameramen."
     "Frumpy?" asked one of the girls.
     "Yes, Frumpy herself."
     "You mean Hillary?" asked the second girl.
     "Yes...Frumpy." the conversation mate responded, even while texting.

     "We call her Shrieky" chimed in a third, "Why do you call her 'Frumpy'?"
      A long pause....while the girls exchange looks of wonderment.

      "Well, anyway, we call her Shrieky because every now and then, about 40 or 60 times-a-day we can hear her shrieking at Huma or whoever is near about how her margarita is too wet, or the ice in the Scotch and soda is melting too fast, or shrieking at the FBI because they haven't brought over the files on Trump and Cruz yet.   She shrieks a lot," commented another of the Hillaryettes.

    "That's so cute....we have a name for her, too....we call her kinda rhymes, no?" another Bimbette inserts.
    "Freaky?" several inquire at once.
"We're going to catch that man who made
that horrible video about Mohammed."
    "Yeah," responds the source, even as she texts on an Opod and takes three selfies with her ZZad, as deftly as a magician. "She comes through the 'Room of the Little People' as she calls us, and has kind of a glazed-eye look.  She keeps looking at her hands and rubbing them, and asking one girl or the other if Vince has called....or if anyone has seen Vince.   We were wondering, 'Who's Vince?   We ask her and she seems like she doesn't hear us.   She's really Freaky."

     "Yeah, but we have to stay in with her after all she's done for us...girls and women's issues and everything, you know."  All the girls nod in agreement.   They look up at the picture of (Sir Edmund) Hillary at the Dover Field Hangar with the coffins of the four Americans returned from Benghazi...."See, she really, really does care."

     And that the way it was, this day during the 100-year campaign to install a Queen as the deserving President of a Republic that seems to be trying to find out where the basement is.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo