Thursday, 16 July 2015

Trump and the absurdity of it all

     It is disheartening to watch people respond to the absurd remarks and commentary made by Mr. Trump.   People, regular folks, who call themselves conservatives backing up a man whose philosophical compass seems to be attached to Molly Cyrus's mood machine.

     A message to the dolts in attendance at the rallye in Phoenix from a friendly, Old Gringo curmudgeon:   You all managed to serve as cannon fodder for a core-base liberal billionaire (Soros, Buffett, et al) to rant before a microphone one of the greatest assemblies of illogical phrases, contradictive sentences, and outright incorrect reasoning that it approximated the standard teleprompter bilge of Obama and (Sir Edmund) Hillary.
     Trump, even during his early Monday morning regular appearances on Fox and Friends every week, falls off the comfortable conservative talking points he tries to use while on that show.   A lot of Fox's audience may not be aware that Trump appears as a regular guest on PMSNBC, ABC, and all the pinko channels morning and afternoon  programmes.  While there, he melds into the comfort-zone of those estimable information vehicles.
       Every time he declares on FOX and/or during his "conquerer's rants" on the road that the Mexican Government is sending the unwanted of Mexico's population to the United States, this writer has to snicker.   Mr. Trump does not know or understand anything about the legal and/or illegal movement of people from Mexico into the United States or from the United States into Mexico.   The Mexican government knows only slightly more.

      A few true facts about movement of such people are listed below in no particular order:

     (1)     Consider this - In 2004, there was an average of 660,000 passenger crossings per day across 35 points of entry (POEs) on the 1,952-mile border between the United States and Mexico. Crossings by personal vehicles rose 43 percent between 1995 and 1999 and then fell 21 percent (to 191 million) by 2004. Almost 20 percent of passenger crossings into the United States from Mexico in 2004 were made on foot, while bus crossings only constituted 1.4 percent (3.4 million) of crossings from Mexico. In 2004 there were over 20 million pedestrian crossings in Texas alone. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics).
     These figures are derived from Immigration and Naturalisation Service data of the period.   To-day the number of daily entries and departures have doubled.   It should be of interest that 99.99% of these folks cross in the morning and return in the early evening on a daily basis.   Their crime stats are almost identical to what might  be considered "normal" in terms of a general population mass in Texas. People crossing legally into Texas have complicated, biometric "laser-visas" and/or green cards authorising them to work or conduct other lucrative business activity.   These documents are obtained at American Consular and Embassy facilities at considerable cost in time and money.  Prince and pauper pay the same, and the documents are not cheap.

     (2)          Almost all the criminal element that arrives in Texas and the United States crosses illegally at impromptu crossing places...not at bridges with customs and immigration procedures and requirements.   These illegal crossers, including those with criminal intent, we can assume, probably one of every ten is a career criminal.  The others are not criminal but they are subject to abuse by recruiters who may or may not be involved in organised crime mainly found in the larger cities in the United States.  
     This does not sound so bad, but it represents a massive demographic and actuarial change from a period, let us say, back in the 1945 - 1965 period.   During those times, even the illegal alien element in the Mexican cohort in the Texas population had a similar criminal pattern as might have been found in the general universe of population in Texas at that time.
     We are only slightly humoured, for instance, to learn of the frenzy in response to the murder of that nice girl in San Francisco by some sub-human illegal alien, essentially according to the assailant, because he had nothing better to do at the moment.   Why?   Because in Hidalgo County of Texas we go through this from 4 to 10 times a week now.   We have manslaughter and murder cases piling up like cord-wood due to illegal aliens killing people while license, insurance, completely blotto...too blotto to run from the scene as they normally do.   We have one or two retribution murders between local gangs and residual animaloid slime-balls who kill one another because of failure to deliver marijuana, meth, cocaine, or heroin....or who decide to kill someone in a stash house for trying to escape or refusing to have sex.  Some of the killings have a bit of justification, "I had to kill him because he killed my buddy.   My buddy had killed his buddy last year, because he had killed somebody one time."   You know....perfectly understandable.   And here it is an avalanche.   And Hidalgo County is not a "sanctuary city" nor is there any community within the county or any neighbouring county that is a "sanctuary city".  
     Here, illegal aliens killing citizens, legal aliens, illegal aliens, bashing the brains out of the infants of their whores and daily fare.   Not kidding.  Just the facts, ma'am.  Daily.

     Trump hasn't the least notion of the scope of the problem.  The notion of blaming this on the Mexican government is simplistic to beyond an extreme.  It is not even good jingoism.   The FOX News coverage and the Obsolete Media's lack of coverage are both useless.   The problem is much more severe than even FOX News comprehends.

     (3)     Trump announces now that Governor Perry was a terrible governor,  that Bush was a terrible governor....and then goes on to pat himself on the back as the only person who has shown the light upon the problem of illegal aliens among us.    Such as assertion is knowingly incorrect to the point of being an out-and-out Clintonesque-level lie.  Plenty of smarter people than he have pointed out, called to action, and acted in positive measure about the issue.   Ann Coulter to Perry to scores of other commentators and activists have been sounding alarms....up to and including Sheriff Arpaio, the State of Arizona and others.
     Governor Perry pushed the issue to beyond the edge, actually, when he took and assumed the authority of commander-in-chief of the Texas National Guard, mobilised it, and sent over 1,000 effectives to the lower Rio Grande near McAllen to intercept the Obama-invited "refugees" and the MS-13s hiding behind the skirts of the "refugees" and the "children" hoarding by the scores of thousands into the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Along with the military effectives, he ordered combat river-craft, mounted with .50's, Game Wardens (several score) with intimate knowledge of riverine paths, nooks, and crannies, Texas Rangers, Texas DPS Troopers co-ordinated with numerous Constables and other personnel. 
     Perry essentially took on the role of President of Texas....asked for and received almost one billion dollars worth of un-anticipated emergency appropriations and deployed force with considerable impact against the criminal elements buried into the mass of Obama - invited (make no mistake) pseudo-refugees.    There is still a large DPS and special police force that his being maintained by Governor Abbott.    Both of these men have taken power when the central government in Washington D.C. abrogated its responsibilities and Texas had to assume its correct role as the Republic of Texas and take the initiative.   Trump does not know this happened and could not understand the complexities and intestinal fortitude that was required to do it.
     And remember that this is said, not by a supporter of Perry so much, because the OROGs know that El Gringo Viejo is a Cruz-backer.   Perry has his share of scars, warts, and callouses.   But in this and many other affairs he has governed with a soft hand when needed and with a very strong hand when required.   He was certainly Presidential as he should have been during that time last Summer. 
     Sorry Mr. Trump.....but you do not make sense about 74 per cent of the time you speak.    You cannot carry me with your focus group phrases that lack reason.

El Gringo Viejo