Thursday, 16 July 2015



     TO BEGIN,  there is now an idea that we have somehow won the war because one of the chief ghouls of Planned Parenthood declared, somewhat indiscreetly, that smashing aborted babies is a pro-forma activity for Planned Parenthood.  The process, long known to be an oft denied activity by Planned Parenthood, of being careful not to damage certain vital and valuable organs  for fun and profit, can be a pretty cool hand, dude.
     A few million Americans who had been ignorant of this practice by Planned Parenthood learned of the activity during the past 48 hours or so.   Most were revolted.  But did we see Planned Parenthood and Progressive acolytes and officers rending their robes, sitting in the ashes, and bewailing their manifold sins and wickedness?   No.
     They were snarly.   First they said it was all untrue....a lie.   And when the lie about it being a lie unravelled, in true Hillary and Progressive fashion, they said it was all the fault of the surreptitious nature of the recorders of the famous meal in the video where the Sacrifices to Baal were discussed with gusto over low-grade, gourmet wine and victuals.   The doctorette was obviously proud of her contribution to the human condition.
   The old lie about the need to have embryonic stem cells from human embryos was bumping around in various dark closets of the House of Lies of Christmases Past.  The Democrats who voted down the Lord God Yahweh in their last National Convention, were more than glad to show a very artificial film clip of Superman being restored from his paralysis by embryonic stem cell research in an earlier National Convention of the Mendacious.    Another hideous, ghoulish lie aimed at the stupid, the voluntarily uniformed, and the elitist progressives snips who think my granddaughters should pay for their Sandra Fluke's contraceptives.
       We remember when the professors were caught red-handed (is that a pun?), at the University of East Anglia, forging and outright inventing numbers that would show that the Planet was going to turn into a fireball in three weeks if George Bush was not evicerated, drawn, and quartered within the next 24 hours.
     When their lie was exposed and all their data proven to be a total lie, the Global Coolingwarmingclimatechange Movement People....the smart ones...said that it was the fault of the people who gained unauthorized access to the data and published it.  Those were the guilty ones, the ones telling the was their fault, and they should be made to pay.

     So, before we count the chicks, remember that in reality the eggs have not been put.   Nothing has changed.  Vince Foster is just as dead.   (Sir Edmund) Hillary's brother is still being the criminal he was born to be, but now as an erstwhile gold miner in Haiti.   His mine ownership status was assured by the backing of the Clinton Criminal Co-ordination Programme (CCCP), also known as the "Clinton Foundation".

     Everybody knows about it, so that's why they have to keep it secret.  So, once long as the Obsolete Press is reading the news to dolts, no eggs have been put.   Everything remains the same.

More Later,
El Gringo Viejo