Saturday, 23 May 2015

This is as good a deal as a person could ask from El Zorro, unmasked!!

El Gringo Viejo urges, as with The Anglican Curmudgeon, a following of the brief and pointed remarks and observations by Jim (El Zorro) will be well worth the few minutes every week it might take to "fill in the blanks" and to correct the misinformation about Islam as it was, as it is, and as it might become should ignorance prevail.
     I am a dilettante student of the Abrahamic Religions and their interrelationships on the ancestral tree.  The history, archaeology, philosophies of the Hebrews, Christians, Buddhists, and Ishmaelites have been something in which my eldest brother and I wasted great amounts of tobacco, time, conjecture, and study long ago.   I have learned from El Zorro details and things about the religion and historical implications of that religion from both Dr. Milton (my brother) and the El Zorro known as Jim Bob from Forestburg, Texas.
    We must arm ourselves with correct information.  This is a valuable door being opened to all OROGs and their friends.
El Gringo Viejo
From the Pen of El Zorro

Below is more about basic Islam that I think is important for our people to know.
      The better half and I have some very good friends who are Muslim and they seem to be very well assimilated into our western way of life.  This is something of a contradiction to the definitions and history of Islam; however, there are Muslims here that actually do not know much about it just as there are Christians and Jews who are “part time” and claim to be one or the other even though they are not really.  With this in mind I would be happy to engage with any of you who have actual experiences with Muslims.
     Please do not hesitate to discuss the subject of Islam with me.  It is interesting and at the same time potentially dangerous, not having any knowledge of Islam.  Many people try to relate Islam to other religions.  That is not doable as Islam is not a religion but a whole-cultural system that stealthily uses religion to mask aggressive political objectives.
      If you belong to a particular religion or are agnostic or atheist it does no harm to listen and learn.  I am not teaching or preaching.  I am just relating information I have collected.  I feel few too many people give little, if any deep thought concerning what is happening in the Middle East as well as that which is growing here in the U.S. (at considerable risk to us all).
      The parts are available as they are posted online at under the right side of the page “Important Issues”. 
Please respond if you feel so inclined. Thanks for your attention and consideration!!
El Zorro