Monday, 25 May 2015

A Union Flag of the period - 1863

To-day. we especially remember Charles Newton, Sergeant, 96th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, mortally wounded at New Salem Church, Virginia on 3 May 1863 facing onslaught of CSA General Longstreet's advance towards a place in Pennsylvania that no one had ever heard of and would probably never remember, called Gettysburg. We also especially remember Isaac Edgar Newton, Corporal, 96th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, who was killed in action while harrassing the rear guard of the Army of Northern Virginia under the command of General Robert E. Lee. on or about the day of the first Sunday in August, 1863 as that Army withdrew from the place in Pennsylvania no one had ever heard of and continued its retreat into Virginia. Charles and Edgar Isaac were brothers and also my grandfather's brothers. My grandfather was three years old when he learned that his brothers had gone to be with the Angels.

This is not "the Flag of the Confederacy"
It is, in fact, the Battle Flag, taken
in to bellicose encounter.
   ALSO we remember and regret the loss of Asa Grant, Captain, 2 Tennessee Cavalry, wounded at Chickamauga and imprisoned at Camp Chase Ohio...died of his wounds and inhumane treatment while a POW five years after the end of the War Between the States. Also we lament the loss of 1st Lieutenant John Neal, Lieutenant H.H.Limbaugh, and others who gave their all for the Southern cause. They are, respectively a gggrandfather and two first cousins-twice removed who died in action or from wounds received in action serving the Confederate Cause.  In all the Neal clan of Winchester, Lewisburg, Tullahoma, and Lynchburg and their blood collaterals and ancestry lost 11 to that Cause, and none ever bought a slave, and only two held slaves....old men who had been inherited and were cared for as family members during their old age until it was their time to dwell among the Angels.

First National flag of the Confederate States of America
This is the actual Flag of State for the
Confederate States of America
We take leave of the OROG community for a while so as to leave them to their own devices and desires for this sombre and noble holiday.
El Gringo Viejo