Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Potpourrie of Commentary....some even worthwhile

Climate and Demagoguery:
     The immediate flood of commentary concerning "Super-Storm Sandy" wreaking devastation upon New York City and places in nearby New Jersey was revealing.  The Climate-Change Industry parasites predictably reminded all concerned that the storm was living proof that the polar caps were almost finished and that not only were further storms and floods in the offing but also Atacama-like droughts that would destroy all known forms of life in the Universe in a matter of hours if not minutes.
     Of course, every little boy's cry of "Wolf! Wolf!" and each hen's shrieking "...the sky is falling!  The sky is falling!" has seen the predicted time of occurrence arrive and expire with no significant weather/climate deviations from known norms having transpired.   AlGore and his acolytes are even quick to point out that the lack of fulfilment of these predictions is even further proof of their accuracy.
     It is the problem caused by people who make a religion out of their insanity.   It is a form of the same disease that afflicts a large swath of a certain group that understands that Jews, homosexuals, Christians, adulteresses, and misbehaving Moslems must be beheaded.
     During these moments, most of the Republic of Texas is being super-saturated with nearly record rainfall.    Those areas in the Central part of the Republic, and into the areas to the East of San Antonio...the historically Czech, Bohemian, German, and Polish dominated stretches....are picking up rains of 2 to 10 inches per day, every few days.   Every part of the Domain seems to be greening and flushing out with rarely seen rainfall totals, save perhaps for the Permian, near Midland and Odessa in far West Texas.

  There were those people who told us that the droughts suffered by most of the Republic three to five years ago was proof that the End had arrived, and Global Warming, brought on by Bush failing to implement the Kobe Agreement was our punishment.  
    Those same persons are now quick to comment that the heavy rains are beyond Noahanic, and proof that their predictions were, and always have been, correct.   If one listens to the overnight radio crowd, it is astonishing how inarticulate, ignorant, cocksure, and arrogantly wrong the continuing die-hard gaggle of climate nuts remain.  One hopes that the ones who identify as high school and/or collegiate-level professors spouting this stuff either seek counselling and therapy or at least do the honourable thing and resign in disgrace for intentionally misleading the unwashed ignorant among us.
     While these rains are a bit much, they are appreciated.   The lakes around the area in Mexico where we hang around are all full to over-filled.  The same is the case in most if not quite all of the Republic of Texas.   Below are a few notes about weather and climate in Texas.

     Texas Weather Records   
  Location   Date 
Temperature (F)     
Coldest     -23 Tulia (40 miles S of Amarillo)      Feb. 12, 1899
   Seminole (65 miles SW of Lubbock)Feb. 8, 1933
Hottest120 Seymour (180 miles NW of Dallas)Aug. 12, 1936
   Monahans (45 miles SW of Midland)Jun. 28, 1994
Warmest year statewide68.6  1921
Coldest year statewide63.2  1976
Highest monthly average102.4 Presidio (210 miles SE of El Paso)June 1962
Lowest monthly average19.4 Dalhart (60 miles NW of Amarillo)January 1959
Highest annual average74.1 McAllen (60 mi NW of Brownsville)1988
Lowest annual average56.1 Dalhart (60 miles NW of Amarillo)1959
Rainfall (inches)    
Greatest in a 24-hour period29.05 Albany (105 miles W of Ft. Worth)Aug. 4, 1978
Greatest in one month35.70 Alvin (20 miles SE of Houston)July 1979
Greatest in one year109.38 Clarksville (105 miles NE of Dallas)1873
Least in one year1.64 Presidio (210 SE of El Paso)1956
Highest annual average59.1 Orange (100 miles E of Houston) 
Lowest annual average
 El Paso (westernmost city in TX) 
Snowfall (inches)    
Greatest in a 24-hour period24.0 Plainview (45 miles N of Lubbock)Feb.3-5, 1956
Greatest maximum depth33.0 Hale Center (35 mi N of Lubbock)Feb. 4, 1956
   Vega (25 miles W of Amarillo)Feb. 4, 1956
Greatest in a single storm61.0 VegaFeb. 1-8, 1956
Greatest in one month61.0 VegaFeb. 1956
Greatest in one season65.0 Romero (65 miles NW of Amarillo)1923-24
Wind (miles per hour)    
Highest sustained speedSE 145 Matagorda (70 mi SW of Houston) *Hurricane CarlaSep. 11, 1961
 NE 145 Port Lavaca (70 mi NE of Corpus. Christi) *Hurricane CarlaSep. 11, 1961
Highest peak gustSW 180 Aransas Pass (20 m E of C. Christi) *Hurricane CarlaAug. 3, 1970
Hazardous Weather    
Longest and worst drought   1950-1956
Worst heat wave  20.0 billion in U.S.damages, 10,000 deaths1980
Worst cold wave  Over half of Texas went below 0FFebruary 12, 1899
Most damage from 1 tornado442M Wichita Falls (120 mi NW of Dallas)April 10, 1979
Most tornadoes in 1 year232 115 of the total were associated with Hurricane Beulah1967
Most tornadoes in 1 month124 115 of the total were associated with Hurricane BeulahSep. 1967
Most damage from 1 hailstorm1.2B Parker, Tarrant counties **US recordMay 5, 1995
Deadliest hurricane6,000-8,000 Galveston - Category 4 hurricaneSep. 8, 1900
Most damaging hurricane3.0 Billion Hurricane Alicia - Category 3 hurricaneAug. 18, 1983

    We concur with almost all these figures, although locales generally have taller tales and dates buried further back into the annals of history.  Of note to this writer is the fact that the deadliest hurricane is listed as a category 4, although there is no asterisk to denote that there was no method to measure accurately a wind-speed that would, in these days, qualify as a Category 5.  Also, as "most damaging storm", had the same storm struck Galveston - Houston area in these days, conservative estimates of damage would be one trillion dollars or more......easily.
     It should be noted that in those days, in 1900, Galveston was the fourth largest city in Texas and it was the extent of 98%....destroyed and destroyed totally.  Steam locomotive switch-engines working the yards around the Galveston Harbour complex were found six miles away, on the Texas mainland.   The casualty levels are low because many of the workers and people who were there at the time working in the harbour area especially, were foreigners from Mexico, Italy, England, Ireland, China, and the Philippines.  Most were never found or recovered.
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.jpg
Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
President of Egypt 

     Finally, the Obama administration says that the Border is secure and al Qaeda is on the run and we are going to do better in Egypt with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood democratically elected than having an old fool like Mubarak in charge because he is corrupt.   And besides that it is people like Netanyahu, Egyptian President Gen. el-Sisi who keep causing problems by siding with Jews, Christians, sane Moslems, and by making decisions based upon well-founded, rational reason.
     Can you all imagine.  Who do they think they are?  The King of Morocco, the King of Saudi Arabia, the King of Jordan, the President of Egypt, the emirs of the United Emirates, and King Bibi of the Hebrews suddenly form into a functioning alliance and do just battle against the Forces of Darkness.  They have done it somewhat effectively.   The response from the White House?   "Why are you people picking on the poor Hootsies and ISIS Freedom Fighters?"
     They do it facing every danger.   First is the danger of being sold down the river by an American Administration that is headed by a person who is the half-brother of a Muslim Brotherhood chaplain...who served as the future American President's best man at the wedding perform by guessed it...Jeremiah Wright.  The next is that Obama and his ilk have historically and into during these times always hated the Hebrews and loved the Palestinians.
     It is not surprising that Obama and his minions would prefer to negotiate "sweetheart treaties" with the Persians who want to annihilate the Hebes and as in "totally", in lieu of defending and co-ordinating with people who seem to understand, at the very least, how to sign and keep an agreement.   The people who want to kill us all are the President's favourites and the people who have at least a level of understanding of reality and at least grudging affection for the Gringos....the President hates.
     More later.  We are still trying to get on top of the various issues and topics that can rust out a bit after three weeks on the edge of civilisation.  Our stay this time was marked by a lot of little detail work and the continued rethinking about direction, themes, and utilisations of our little hideaway.   We shall divulge some inner thinking in the coming days.
El Gringo Viejo