Thursday, 14 May 2015

El Zorro forwards this clip to the attention of the OROG community - mandatory information!

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

El Zorro sent this in for our consideration.  As we were learning a new posting manoeuver to enhance our presentations, it dawned upon me that for almost 60 years we have never demanded one thing from the other.   The only two people who could call me down beyond my wife and daughter were my brother Milton and El Zorro.   I would always yield.   El Zorro would sometimes lose sight of how much value he had and how positively the people around him viewed his presence.  I would serve, very infrequently, to reassure him of his position as one of the "upper-crust".
     Perhaps, at times, neither of us took himself seriously enough.  We are still not quite at the end of the race.  But, looking around, we have distanced our peers considerably, and we have lived adventure and accomplishment.   We have served well and honourably....El Zorro more-so than I.    We have the luxury to now bark from the very near side-lines and make strong, coherent observations that are now circulating in many corners, and on many planes.
     Our assumption that the secular humanists, progressives, and marxists would have no compunction about cold-bloodedly sacrificing an entire race of Americans into re-slavery has been shown to be true.   The acolytes of Margaret Sanger and Karl Marx would and did do all necessary that would be required to push America into extinction.
     Please remember the Texas Nationalist Movement.  Please also remember the cause of the Vth Amendment Convention.  Since we began jousting the issues presented by those Windmills, both issues have advanced to the point that there are now 30 sovereign States of the American Union that have voted for a Convention under the terms of the 5th Amendment.   (For a few moments, El Zorro thought that the Vth Amendment Convention was hopeless.  Perhaps my optimism was mistaken for silliness or delusion).
       Over 60% per cent of the citizens of the Republic of Texas have declared to carefully done polling that they support an Independent Republic of Texas.   El Gringo Viejo is Longstreet and El Zorro is Jackson, but this time there will be no retreat to Richmond and Appomattox.   This time it will be us who truly free the slaves of the Oppression by the Progressives.
     And yes, we both know that there are many Longstreets and Jacksons.   We are Legion.
We commend these words of the lady above to the OROGs' attention.  Remember, also, that there are no ISIS training camps west of Ciudad Juarez.  There are, however, overwhelming evidences that ISIS operatives are self-inserting as Mexican or Central American type people....and I would estimate that five or ten per month might be being inserted.   Many have come from that insertion camp from west of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua,  trained long ago in Syria or Iraq.  An equal or greater number might well be, and probably are, coming in from Canada.
El Gringo Viejo