Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sorry Harry, but you just ain't got no class.

    The recently deposed Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, also recently referred to the remuda of Republican potential candidates to the presidency of the American Union as "losers".   A real headscratcher.
Let us see, here's a GOP short list:
     Governor Bush                         winner
     Governor Christi                     winner
     Governor Huckabee               winner
Governor Jindal                           winner
Governor Martinez                      winner
    Governor Sandoval                  winner
     Governor Walker                      winner
     Businesswoman Fiorina        winner
     Neurosurgeon Carson             winner
     Texas - US Senator Cruz         winner
     Florida - US Senator Rubio   winner
     Kentucky US Senator Paul    winner
     Hillary Rodham   -  lying, elitist, arrogant, marxist hypocrite who associates only with wealthy crooks and cronies of the leftist, crony-capitalist Solyndra class of maggots and parasites, with plenty of blood-on-the-hands, mendacity, and avoidance of reality to fill any private room at the Obamacare Psychiatric Facility for washed-up, useless old political crooks.   Perhaps she can get a room next to you Harry....and you can laugh about how you told everyone that you had it on good authority that Romney paid no income taxes for ten years.   Neither of you two is good enough to even earn the title of "loser".....corrupt, self-consumed close....still not good enough, but this is a "family blog".
El Gringo Viejo