Friday, 17 April 2015

How to tell when the press is lying.....And how to remember that Valerie Jarrett is a Persian by birth

  We were almost pleased when we saw the article come up on the national news on an Obsolete Media outlet.  It was predictable....similar to the "A video insulting the Prophet Mohammed caused rioting that resulted in the burning of facilities and casualties among the embassy and consular staff."    But we could rest assured that an element of the truth would be used to defame and deface the truth.

     El Zorro has commented upon these things four or more times over the past couple of years and El Gringo Viejo has commented perhaps a few more times, since the issue  is one of my specialties, concerning political extremists operating in Mexico. The issue is that  nexus between and among Islamic nutcases, and the unapologetic co-operation with communists, atheists, nihilists, and anarchists.  Some want money, others want to kill heretics, infidels, homosexuals, adulteresses, while still others want to practice their medical art's specialty of female circumcision, and, there is always the cohort that simply wants "Death to America".  

     They have come together, whether the Obsolete Press wishes to acknowledge the fact or not.   The have come together, whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation / Valerie Jarrett unit wishes to admit it or not.   They have come together whether or not the "knowledgeable and reasonable" people wish to recognise the fact.    I shall simply say, Red China, al Qaeda, ISIS, Chavez/Maduro/Venezuela, Fidel/Raul Ortega-Nicaragua, Eastern European arms dealers, and of course what is left of the "cartels" in Mexico.   It is a deadly, horrid stew.

     And before we strut around too much, even FOX News has been performing at a C- level in this matter.

     To begin, an article aired yesterday by an element of the Obsolete Media showed a nice young reporterette-woman on the Mexican side of the international boundary pointing out how ridiculous the idea of ISIS personnel being shepherded by "cartel"-people is.   As she pointed out, and I agree,(paraphrasing)"Look this is just a working class community, trying to build itself out of necessity.   Look there goes a group of high schoolers with their shovels, rakes, and plastic bags to clean the streets.   Look there is a man teaching his and the neighbourhood children how to ready-mix cement for spot repairs on curbs, your house, and whatever, and look there go school-girls with their school-books laughing and carrying on."

      And do you all know what?   She was correct.   It is a typical working-class scene in Mexico where something is being made out of nothing and where PATERNITY is being practiced by thousands of real men, and where a working class semi-disaster is being changed sociologically in one or one-and-a-half genererations, without obtuse direct welfare, into a blue-collar middle or even upper-middle class social establishment.

      (1)    Even while they were filming and she was going sound-on- camera, an attractive young woman, probably well built, went by.  Why does El Gringo Viejo say "probably" ?   She was dressed one step up from a burqa, with long skirt hitting between ankle and ground, and with a habib correctly wrapped about her head hair showing.   She covered her face a bit as she went by the field of view....while any  Mexican girls between the ages of 10 and 80 would probably welcome the chance to be "on-camera". Why would such a girl be in the scene....especially by accident? Statistical probability, anyone?

     (2)   The community named by the Mexican Army and Federal Civil Police after they had actually gone in and found more than reasonably convincing evidence of a presence of ISIS personnel....never was called the site of the corpus delicti.  It is known by everyone there that the camp of the "coyotes" or "cartel coyotes" if one wishes, is about 9 miles to the west-southwest of this community.   It was picked up by night-time helicopter reconnaissance and "CIs" involved in the trafficking of illegal entrants into Gringolandia.

     (3)    There have been several of these places encountered in various parts of Mexico.   The Army and Naval is our understanding....has been somewhat vigorous in the searching out of Middle-eastern personalities with Mattel-Passports.    As we have pointed out, it is easy for a Middle-eastern person to become lost especially in large urban areas in Mexico and almost anywhere in the northern half of Mexico....due to the Andalusia-factor in the racial/ethnic complexion of many if not most Mexicans, especially in the north.
     (4)    Please be aware that these are not the brayings of bigots.  Remember please, that El Zorro knows....first hand....the nature of insertion of insurgency as a rule of strategy.   Please understand that El Gringo Viejo has literally scores of year of study, generations of background, and a kind heart towards the Mexicans.....This is not the braying of bigots.

     This is the snorting, whinnying, and hoof-scratching of the horse of El Zorro because there is a snake in the corral. When the night is quiet and the foals are backed  up against their mothers and the stallion is watching sleepily at the tranquil scene....he does not hoof-pound and snort.
     My money, based on years of experience and direct contact is to trust the word of the Mexican Army.   They punish their own wrongdoers by courts martial, and they speak directly to an issue until their words are changed by politicians or "journalists", and they have always dealt with me and mine honestly.   Besides, the same "journalistic" agencies and personalitites who now begin to pooh-pooh these silly things, were toot - tooting their horns about its existence when George Bush still lurked around in the White House.
     Billy Jeff Blythe's "Eagle's Talon" anyone?

Thanks as usual.
El Gringo Viejo