Monday, 2 March 2015

Those of 2 March 1836 compared to those of 2 March 2015: Tale of Two Washingtons

   There are two Washingtons.  One rests comfortably in the present, fat and self-indulgent by the gleaning of the gain of the productive classes, while moving steadily to further enslave those same masses of foolish people who think something good can come of sending their hopes and fortunes to such a rancid place.
    The other Washington is installed deep within the confines of The Republic of Texas.   It is known as Washington on the Brazos, and it is the official place of birth of the Republic of Texas in 1836.  It is there where apparently the last great hope for a non-socialist, republican democracy, based upon Judeo - Christian life principles and the concepts of common law, private property, self-defence and self-determination began to make its stand.   After 179 years, it has come down to Texas to lead the way back to the Shining City, high on the side of the beautiful mountain.

     We have in the other Washington, the one between Virginia and Maryland where this week finds a supposedly conservative party, led by supposedly conservative men, overwhelmingly elected during the past by-elections did not have sufficient reserve of moral clarity and/or testosterone, to stand up to the forces of certain ruin for the American Republic.  Those forces, of course are the secular humanists within the ranks of both parties and the leftist Obsolete Press.  It is truly a shame when the supposedly free press of the American nation has now passed through forty years of increasingly mendacious and obfuscative posturing.   Reporting the news for them has long since become something, that if it occurs, is accidental.

     The men at Washington on the Brazos had little, risked it all, met in the mud where of the 10 or 12 structures in the community, only three had even plank floors.   Mud was the theme of their stay, Death was the plot.  Even as they met, there were two major columns of increasingly  victorious Armies, worthy of the name, coming within two day's spite of the mud.   They would have to finish their meeting and retreat...not flee.   Their women would have to do very heavy lifting, lugging what could be carried and children to the east.   Wagons were shared, buggies were very rare, provision would have to be provided by Providence.

     The persons at Washington on the Potomac have fine offices, heating and cooling, fancy sanitary facilities and restaurants in their capitol building and all around them in a city full of marble and granite monuments and lofty memorials.   They all had numerous boot-lickers, secretaries, yes-men, handlers, and focus group analysts, along with finance managers. The Democrats uniformly are unabashed facilitators, fully dedicated to the political axiom of "Tax, tax; Spend, spend; Elect, elect."  Their duty is first to self, and then to actively put other peoples' money where the politicians' mouths are.
     The Republicans are shadows of real men.  Scared of obfuscators and liars with press this what real men are made from?   Fright ?   I pray not.   I know that there are a few left who have voted on the floors of their chambers as they said they would....but they are never enough.

    To think.   May the Saints intervene as the walls crumble.   We celebrate this date, not this day, but the date of the same number and month, 179 years ago when the Last Republic Standing was founded.   You have beaten us down once during the Reconstruction, but hopefully we can rise as the Phoenix and re-establish the wondrous culture of liberty again.
El Gringo Viejo.